shanks' pony

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you own legs

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Picture by DAVE CHARNLEY' SHANKS' PONY Kevin Morby leads the way as Carolina Bazan, left, and Shelby Moore bring up the rear
It has one shop, one hotel and no pubs and the only form of transport is Shanks' Pony - that is unless you are a resident of the Hell Bay, the last hotel in the south of England, which sends a battered old Land Rover to welcome you from the boats that serve as transport between the islands.
But, for once, I have something to say that is worthy of debate, and my contention is that Ascot's failure to properly look after its bedrock customers - who expect to be able, on Shanks' Pony, to stand and watch racing from the grandstand - makes it far from unique.
No you cycle your way around the sprawling site or rely on shanks' pony, now that's something, isn't it?
Day or night, you can take Shanks' Pony and, with a little help from the underground and trams, roam over vast areas.
On the other, it's not going to be brilliant for those of us whose chosen transport is Shanks' pony, is it?