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a Japanese stringed instrument resembling a banjo with a long neck and three strings and a fretted fingerboard and a rectangular soundbox


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Shamisen is a three-stringed instrument from ancient China.
Though it's rare to see an American movie that borrows so heavily from Asian storytelling traditions, "Kubo and the Two Strings" incorporates its many exotic influences in a way that feels deceptively familiar, even logical, driven by Dario Marianelli's score, richly elaborated from Kubo's shamisen theme.
Par contre, si j'entends une piece de shamisen ou un tambourinaire de l'Ouganda, je peux etre fascine par les modulations melodiques, les textures, le traitement specifique du temps, l'habilete du virtuose, l'intensite sonore, etc.
Heavy beats, hypnotic electronic sounds, and driving shamisen melodies combine in a way that disables my anti-dancing muscles.
The music has started, someone playing the traditional Japanese shamisen.
Cette fois ci avec les deux jeunes musiciens de Shamisen et de Shinobue, le duo Kimura & Ono, se sont inspires du theatre japonais pour offrir une musique du jazz, du rock et des rythmes traditionnels nippons aux amoureux de ce groupe createur.
Geisha are Japanese female entertainers who perform specific ceremonial duties, such as serving drinks in a tea ceremony, talking to their clients, dancing, singing and playing instruments such as the three-stringed shamisen or the bamboo flute.
The folk music or "min'yo" of northern Japan has gained recognition for its rhythmic, virtuosic shamisen (three-stringed plucked lute) accompaniment.
Empezo como los cuentos contados por los monjes ciegos con Biwa, un instrumento tradicional de cuerda, y en el siglo XVII llego a ser el teatro de titeres con Shamisen, otro instrumento tradicional de cuerda.
It is often used to accompany songs and considered to be an ancestor of the Japanese shamisen (made with a cat skin).
In this gig, Wobble's fat, squelchy bass took a back seat to flurries of taiko drumming, with Clive Bell on a succession of wind instruments and the exotic and delicate, banjo-like shamisen of Keiko Kitamura.
The library collections include books, music scores, CDs, LPs, and cassette tapes about Miyagi Michio and Japanese traditional music, especially sankyoku (played with koto, shamisen and shakuhachi).
Al verlo descansando, como estaba, comence a inventar un sueno profano donde sus ropas bailaban al compas del humo de los inciensos y el raspado sonido del shamisen.
8) cover solo and ensemble genres for shakuhachi, koto, and shamisen, necessarily again with considerable doubling-up of other parts of the book (in outlines of origins and history, and in sociocultural sections on the Todo organization of blind performers, for instance).
For this play, the music was composed, and played onstage, by Melissa Holding using a shamisen, a Japanese instrument resembling a zither that replicated both the bells of a medieval abbey and the sitar music of a caravanserai.