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Synonyms for shame

Synonyms for shame

a great disappointment or regrettable fact

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


to damage in reputation

Synonyms for shame

a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt

an unfortunate development


Related Words

bring shame or dishonor upon

compel through a sense of shame

surpass or beat by a wide margin

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Can body shaming and constructive criticism be compared?
Indeed, the potential "positive" uses of shaming as a weapon to advance political causes are spoken of more and more frequently and openly.
18) While Catherine's reading often threatens an encroaching absorption into unreflective over-identification, it also constantly confronts shame, and through such shaming Austen conceives a heroine whose brushes with humiliation create new pleasures, rather than merely limiting the heroine's desire, or the reader's engagement, to the extremes of either sentimental absorption or "affected indifference.
It is rash to condemn every shaming in the service of good causes (15), but Voigt and Tieffenbach are right to remind us about the dangerous potential of shaming, even in the service of public health.
In the first step shame is shown to be a constituent element of investigative TV-journalism and the study's empirical material is used to give various examples of shaming, derived from a content analysis of 470 episodes of the weekly Swedish public service programme Uppdrag granskning (Mission Investigate).
This Article unsettles these assumptions about shaming by undertaking the first investigation of the dynamics of shame in humanitarian intervention.
Tarnopolsky's study understands Socrates' elenchus as wielding a 'Socratic respectful shame' that respects the truth to the extreme extent that it is inadequately charitable to its victims, bullying them into perplexity out of a refusal to stoop to a flattering rhetoric (such as Gorgias teaches) and exposing their deficiencies and failings, without providing them with a full understanding of the standards by which the have been judged to fail, or alternative understandings of the contradictions of their lives to help them move forward from the shaming in a salutary way.
Ngugi's A Grain of Wheat (1967) demonstrates how the colonial system is pervaded by shame because all its structures are shaming.
Therefore, in addition to being aware of the shaming potential of labels, participants were also mindful of the inherent therapeutic dynamics of their own labels and terms.
The 13 papers in this collection review studies on neuroticism as the primary personality risk factor for stress and impaired health, the manifestation of neuroticism in the use of information and communication technologies, and the link between shaming and reduced psychiatric health.
In such cases, the society that uses shaming may attempt to translate losses emanating from shame into monetary terms, since the society that uses shame may see this as the only effective way of communicating across cultures.
The discussion of flesh in the Gospel of John assumes that carnality necessarily involves shame: "In the joying, there is both a shaming abjection of flesh and a passage through the boundlessness of abjection into the infinitude of sublimity" (47).
Washington, October 1 (ANI): A new study has suggested that social shaming techniques work better in making people adopt proper sanitation habits in rural India.
Shaming can be a more effective means of social control than force.