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Synonyms for shallowness

lack of depth of knowledge or thought or feeling

the quality of lacking physical depth

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It is a proof of the shallowness of the doctrine of beauty as it lies in the minds of our amateurs, that men seem to have lost the perception of the instant dependence of form upon soul.
Before descending into the garden, Giovanni failed not to look at his figure in the mirror,--a vanity to be expected in a beautiful young man, yet, as displaying itself at that troubled and feverish moment, the token of a certain shallowness of feeling and insincerity of character.
The general shallowness of African capital markets and the high cost of debt finance mean that Private Equity plays a central role in helping to unlock and grow the potential of individual companies and ecosystems.
The real import of this holiday season row is to emphasise the shallowness of this Government in believing that the colour of a passport is a matter that exercises the nation and that could distract it from the pain caused by current levels of austerity, inequality and crying social need.
Taking into consideration all religious and political complexities, we always see Iran trying to dominate the Middle East, taking advantage of the political and religious shallowness of Arab people.
Qatar's threats to Al-Hashim reflect Doha's fears and shallowness, political expert Tarek Fahmi told Egypt Today on Monday.
This is a novel about redemption, as well as recognizing the shallowness and genuine qualities of others.
The blunt response from Downing Street yesterday morning - that there is "no mandate" for a referendum - betrays the shallowness of thinking that now passes for policy on Scotland in Whitehall.
In a previous letter, (''Kababawan' offers priceless good feel,' Opinion, 10/20/15), I reacted to Lea Salonga's remarks about 'kababawan' or shallowness in TV shows, as a result of which she got bashed online by Aldub fans.
But hanging around a film set all day reveals the shallowness and spite of the beautiful ones, where perfection is even less than skin deep.
And revealed a mental shallowness not seen in a politician since that one who tweeted a sneering picture of a flag of St George.
4 billion during last 6 months including 450 million from Suisse credit in violation of PPRA rules as well as tainting much touted transparency, has exposed the shallowness of Pakistan economy.
People anticipate a shallowness, a self-centredness, and a lack of self-awareness.
He cited the shortage of finance, shallowness of investment opportunities, lack of incentive programs for small and medium businesses, ambiguity of procedures, lack of benefiting from foreign investors experience and difficulty of finding skilled labor force as among the obstacles facing the promising businesses.
Low elevations, clear skies, and high water temperatures caused by the shallowness of the Persian Gulf creates high evaporation rates, and therefore high humidity.