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Synonyms for shallowness

lack of depth of knowledge or thought or feeling

the quality of lacking physical depth

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It is true that the erroneousness and shallowness of this conception of his faith was dimly perceptible to Alexey Alexandrovitch, and he knew that when, without the slightest idea that his forgiveness was the action of a higher power, he had surrendered directly to the feeling of forgiveness, he had felt more happiness than now when he was thinking every instant that Christ was in his heart, and that in signing official papers he was doing His will.
He felt himself invulnerable--raised far above the shallowness of common judgment.
As Rubin puts it, "if there were a deep ecology that persisted in asking why and how, it would show the shallowness of those who have appropriated that name.
The challenge, of course, will be for religious broadcasters to present shows with substance while retaining humility in a medium that glorifies shallowness and celebrity.
Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the Tory leader's shallowness was exposed in the TV debate and he was "panicked and rattled after being found out" last week.
It is a hard task encouraging an interest in politics within students and young people without such inexplicable displays of shallowness from our Members of Parliament.
But ``The Sea Is Watching's'' essential shallowness could not be overcome.
The shallowness of the lake has brought flocks of birds, including cormorants and herons, to the edge of the water.
Swansea coastguards have joined in the chorus of disapproval by saying there is a good chance someone will be injured because of the shallowness of the water.
Local fishermen have expressed concern about the risk of snagging nets on the cables and about the shallowness of the trenches.
I suppose you might point to the shallowness of some of the relationships, but the cynicism does not seem overplayed.
Such froth, however, cannot mask the preciousness of her stains and velvet patches or the shallowness of her take on feminine experience.
So who better to expose the essential shallowness of Mr Cameron's false assertion he's modernised the Conservatives.
With their plucked, pomaded and Botox-ed bodies, along with a level of shallowness not seen since Fox's ``Joe Millionaire'' drew a bevy of beautiful gold diggers, the girls of ``Single in L.
It would be easy to sneer at the shallowness of Paula Yates's grief now that she has been re-invigorated by the lithe young man she met during her days at a rehabilitation clinic.