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a sedimentary rock formed by the deposition of successive layers of clay

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In 2015, a study completed in cooperation with the USAID had confirmed presence of 10,159 trillion cubic feet (TCF) shale gas and 2,323 billion of stock tank barrels (BSTB) shale oil in place resources.
Oil shale is mainly distributed in the Southeastern Uplift, Northeastern Uplift and Central Depression zones [40].
They termed the identification of massive Shale reserves a 'game-changer' and future source for abundant supply of petroleum in the country.
Although resources of oil shale found in many countries but only 33 countries can produce them economically.
Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has urged Islamabad to speed up work on exploration of shale gas deposits.
An increase in shale gas production is not expected in Canada in the mid-term perspective.
The study discusses the cost of shale oil production compared with other types of oils in several countries, the prices of fossil and shale oil and gas, and the factors that contributed to the volatility of oil prices.
Argentina has emerged as a potential shale oil superpower as it now has the second-largest shale gas reserves (behind China with 1,115 trillion cubic feet) and the fourth-largest oil reserves.
The government is preparing regulations for shale gas development.
Withdrawals from shale gas wells rose from 5 billion cubic feet per day in 2007 to 33 Bcf per day last year.
We are negotiating with Germany to use their advanced technology for the hi-tech section of Lorestan shale projects," Hormuz Qalavand, the exploration director of the NIOC, told FNA.
Fracking involved drilling holes deep into the ground and then using high-pressure liquid to fracture shale rocks to release gas trapped inside and environmentalists have criticised the effect the method would have on the surrounding areas.
By Usama Jalal KUWAIT, June 28 (KUNA) -- There has been a torrent of contradictory reports and information about shale oil and its feasibility, however one fact is contested, that cost of extraction a barrel of this oil is higher by USD 75 as compared to production of one of the crude produced with traditional means.
com/research/x5kf93/analyzing_the) has announced the addition of the "Analyzing the Global Oil Shale Market" report to their offering.
Summary: In recent years, with the shortage of oil resources and the continuous increase in oil prices, oil shale has seized much more attention.