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tall hat

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The one distinguishing feature of the Voltigeur uniform separating them from the Fusiliers was a yellow collar on the coat and yellow band to the shako.
The PMA graduation ceremony is a most significant activity; to first-class men, it is their last day as cadets symbolized by tossing of the shako, before they join the AFP officer corps.
The Brownlow Hill venue will also show a French brass shako plate, from a collection of items found on the battlefield by John Gage, FRS, and a camp kettle and stove, reputedly used by an officer of the French Dragoons at Waterloo.
The Jamaat-i-Islami union council Lajbok on Tuesday arranged a function in which PPPs workers Khurshid, Muhammad Ayaz and Abdullah along with their families members announced to quit their party and joint the Jamaat-i-Islami in Darmal Shako village council.
Round the cairn, fragments of two broken bottles, a quantity of wire shot cartridges, several pieces of broken cups or basins, blue and white (china) the bung stave and [hoops] of a Marine's canteen (painted blue), several small iron hoops, fragments of white line, spun yarn and canvass, the [device] from the [front] of a Marine's shako (with the globe, Gibraltar & per mare per terram, on it).
Shako Liu, Verizon 4G Network to Enter Northwest Corner's Dead Zone, Litchfield Cnty.
and worked with musicians of such renown as Jacques Ogg, Andrew Parrou, Konrad junghanel, Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen, Shako Ad-El, Wilbert Hazelzet, Philip Pickett, Hansjorg Albrecht, Noemi Kiss, Stephen Varcoe, Mitzi Meyerson and Jan Krejca, as well as superlative ensembles, including the New London Consort, Capella cracoviensis, Musicians of the Globe, Concerto Palatino, afro Orchestra, Collegium 1704, Solamente natural, Music florea, etc.
As expected, this latest edition of Suspense pays attention to these types of minute details and notes that the shako is a "rather elaborate military cap in the shape of a truncated cone with a peak or plume" (353).
Strangely foreign on the mirror-table, / leans his black shako with its white deathshead," which strongly suggests that he's going into battle and will probably be killed.
According to Levies Force, the victim namely Abdul Shako or was on way riding in a vehicle when armed bandits intercepted and opened fire on its driver as he resisted bid of snatching his vehicle.
Each contains a hat, helmet, hood, cap, mask, beret, fez, shako, kepi, busby, tam o' shanter or just about any other type of headwear used by a military force in the 20th century.
Arrayed in the field with the sun glinting off of helmets and shako plates, off the polished brass of gun batteries and caissons, we sprawled like a titanic dragon with myriad scales--or so said some purple tunic soon to be shot from his steed.
They were somewhat disrupted when Lamine Shako pulled his hamstring and had to be replaced by Wolfenden, and Ben Smith tried his luckwith a long-ranger as the away side pressed.
The mylar plume on my shako would cling to itself damply.
The obsolete tricornio (tricorn hat), the loose jacket, and the old knee-length pantaloons were replaced by the shako and by a more sober and simple uniform, composed of a dark blue coatee, now fastened at the waist, and trousers, in both winter and summer models.