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the act of causing something to move up and down (or back and forth) with quick movements

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Ear infections are a prime cause of head shaking, and can be persistent and difficult to treat.
The scientists, led by Dr Christian Schloegl, from the University of Vienna, wrote in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences: "We found compelling evidence for the ability of African grey parrots to use noise created during the shaking of containers to detect hidden food.
Some Muslims perceive hand shaking between opposite sexes as forbidden by the religion while others don't see handshaking as linked to religion.
Shaking just ice and alcohol had cut the spirit's potency nearly in half, diluting the drink 1.
According to SBP co-ordinator and nurse Kati Knuuttila, the main goats are to change the knowledge and attitudes of family caregivers about infant crying; to change the behaviour of family caregivers in response to crying; to provide information on the dangers of shaking a baby; and to incorporate the programme into the standard practice of health professionals.
The columnist said that Faysal should not feel bad about shaking the hands of Israeli leaders at such occasions as international conferences, as such a refusal would give the international community a positive image of Israel at the expense of Saudi Arabia.
My whole house was shaking and alarms were going off around my estate, obviously not believing we'd had an earthquake.
The researchers installed hundreds of sensors in the home, including 75 sensors to monitor the accelerations caused by the shaking and 125 to measure how far various parts of the structure moved back and forth.
Strong shaking for that surprisingly long interval would threaten many of the city's aging landmarks.
Presented in ten- to fifteen-minute segments on sixteen monitors, the individual actions are often hilariously absurd (witness the determined shaking received by a plastic fern) while the overall ambiance, with its ever-shifting combinations of sound, more seriously revives the chance-dependent Cageian aesthetics of those early productions.
Our group named contemporary "earthquakes" whose shock waves spread from an epicenter: September 11 and its consequences for individuals and for countries around the world, the war in Iraq shaking us up along with the world's attitude toward the U.
Thirty-four babies injured by shaking were seen at his hospital between 1996 and 2003.
The Swiss alpine climber, Erhard Loretan, has been given a four month suspended sentence for shaking his baby son to death.
DOCTORS in Coventry are worried by a rising tendency for babies to be shaken by their parents or carers, which they blame on a mistaken belief that shaking is less harmful than smacking.
A BRITISH nanny jailed for at least 25 years by a US court for shaking a child to death has tearfully insisted: "I'm innocent.