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the act of causing something to move up and down (or back and forth) with quick movements

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The researchers speculated that vertical shaking may have distracted the birds by reminding them of head-bobbing, a common parrot behaviour.
Some Muslims perceive hand shaking between opposite sexes as forbidden by the religion while others don't see handshaking as linked to religion.
The columnist said that Faysal should not feel bad about shaking the hands of Israeli leaders at such occasions as international conferences, as such a refusal would give the international community a positive image of Israel at the expense of Saudi Arabia.
My whole house was shaking and alarms were going off around my estate, obviously not believing we'd had an earthquake.
When she ran back into the house, she spontaneously touched her brother and he started shaking.
Despite the intense shaking during the test, the model house didn't collapse.
Loretan, who was charged with negligent homicide a year ago, admitted to shaking his baby for a couple of seconds to stop him from crying.
They say babies should not be chastised at all but it is easier to damage a baby by shaking than hitting it.
Shaking a baby can cause it more harm than a head-on road crash, a leading children's charity said today.
In addition, different with the traditional raffle, there is no limitation for shaking frequency.
Shirley Ree Smith, 45, has been in prison since 1997, serving 15 years to life for violently shaking 7-week-old Etzel while the rest of the family slept in its crowded Van Nuys apartment.
Around a decade ago, the prevailing account of the Brazil nut effect held that smaller particles in a shaking container fill in transient gaps that open beneath the larger particles.
July 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Disney Channel original series "Shake It Up" has gotten fans moving and shaking ever since premiering last year.
Ankrah, a drink and bar consultant, is the owner of two London bars, LAB and Townhouse - and has been mixing, muddling and shaking up hip drinks for the last 15 years.
For major northwest cities, "the strongest ground shaking will probably come from [a] nearby earthquake occurring on a crustal fault," says seismologist Ivan G.