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a person who wields power and influence

a member of Christian group practicing celibacy and communal living and common possession of property and separation from the world

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Nor is this at Lebanon the only Shaker settlement: there are, I think, at least, three others.
Consequently, Shaker beasts seldom fail to find a ready market.
There is no union of the sexes, and every Shaker, male and female, is devoted to a life of celibacy.
Leaving the Shaker village with a hearty dislike of the old Shakers, and a hearty pity for the young ones: tempered by the strong probability of their running away as they grow older and wiser, which they not uncommonly do: we returned to Lebanon, and so to Hudson, by the way we had come upon the previous day.
These people are called Shakers from their peculiar form of adoration, which consists of a dance, performed by the men and women of all ages, who arrange themselves for that purpose in opposite parties: the men first divesting themselves of their hats and coats, which they gravely hang against the wall before they begin; and tying a ribbon round their shirt-sleeves, as though they were going to be bled.
Each of the eight gates lead to one of eight lines--each of which features an additional Impulse shaker that conveys product to a weighing hopper that feeds the microwave.
Handberg was a master of the Shaker furniture and woodworking style.
Isn't the north-south shaker, for example, damaged by the east-west shaker and the up-down shaker and vice versa?
FILE - Minister of Electricity and Renewable energy Mohamed Shaker CAIRO - 10 March 2018: Electricity Minister Mohamed Shaker said on Saturday that Egypt has become a founding member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), due to its rich renewable energy resources, especially solar energy and its location between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker announced that energy subsidies will be zero by fiscal year (FY) 2020/2021, a change from previous plans that were meant to terminate the subsidies by 2019.
Shaker Group received a visit from Saudi Minister of Commerce and Investment Majid Al-Qassabi.
Egyptian singer and all-around jerkwad Hany Shaker was hospitalised earlier today after injuring himself rehearsing for the the Jerash Festival.
It is remarkable how one simple Shaker song has gone from total obscurity to become one of the most beloved American religious songs today.
Security sources told The Daily Star that Zakaria Ezzat Shaker, 69, shot himself in the head at dawn in his bedroom in Zalka.
Osamah Mohammed Shaker as the new Chief Executive Officer of GIB Capital LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of GIB, effective since 29 June 2016.