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Synonyms for shakedown

a thorough search of a place or persons


Words related to shakedown

initial adjustments to improve the functioning or the efficiency and to bring to a more satisfactory state

a very thorough search of a person or a place

extortion of money (as by blackmail)

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In August, Huthman and Watson signed a lease on the space next door to The Shakedown.
A complete system of equations for the shakedown state of the elastic-plastic structure is obtained when Kuhn-Tucker optimality conditions [2] are applied for the analysis problem.
The SVEDKA SHAKEDOWN will serve to showcase and profile the most creative, innovative and top mixologists within our industry.
When mathematical programming is used for optimal shakedown truss design, the complementary slackness conditions of mathematical programming (4) are written down alongside strength conditions.
The recce for the event takes place tomorrow while shakedown is on Friday morning.
It has been a busy period for the Swan Yamaha team preparing for our first shakedown test in Spain," he said.
Strakka's two other drivers were in also in attendance Nick Leventis and Danny Watts, with all three drivers commenting that they were very impressed with the early performance of the car and that the shakedown had exceeded their high expectations.
The shakedown is the last opportunity for the rally crews and their supporting teams to try out their cars under full rally conditions before going into the main event.
Despite the aggressive project schedule, the team successfully completed over 13 shakedown runs and three PV runs, and did so concurrent to on-going construction work and ICQ efforts.
The car, the VR-01, is now on course to make its track debut in a shakedown at Silverstone on February 4 and 5.
In time-honoured tradition, the Insignia VXR, which has just completed a final 10,000km shakedown at the Nrburgring in Germany, will demonstrate its Adaptive 4X4 chassis on Goodwood's hill climb course.
Then a couple of miscalculations occurred, the other being the attack on Mark Steyn, who authored the foreword to Shakedown.
The Darien Jungle Shakedown Cruise" is the memoir of C.
USS Hawaii (SSN 776), the first Virginia-class boat to deploy, is currently at General Dynamics Electric Boat conducting a post-shakedown availability, which is an industrial activity availability assigned to correct deficiencies found during the shakedown cruise or to accomplish other authorized improvements.
The kind of awesomely heady, rhythmic shakedown that you would want to jam to for independence.