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a photographic image produced on a radiosensitive surface by radiation other than visible light (especially by X-rays or gamma rays)

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Figure 3 shows the examples of time-sequence and time-integrated high-speed laser shadowgraphs of this spray flame without the sampler under the identical ambient conditions with the sampling cases.
First, schlieren and shadowgraph photographs were taken of the injector flow to study the behavior of the jets, shape of the plume, and penetration of the liquid jet.
Figure 18 shows the presence of shock waves as seen in shadowgraph [18] which can also be noticed in Velocity plot as shown in figure 15.
La observacion de los experimentos se ha realizado mediante su visualizacion directa por la tecnica de fluorescencia inducida por luz (LIF) y tambien mediante la tecnica de shadowgraph.
He is the world's leading expert on schlieren and shadowgraph optical techniques, and has authored or co-authored more than 60 archival journal articles.
Other laser spectroscopic methods used, on spray studies, are Mie scattering combined with Laser Induced fluorescence and also Schlieren and Shadowgraph imaging on sprays [4].
Starlite replaces traditional shadowgraph technology to improve productivity, making it easy for non-skilled operators to use.
68) In the 1930s, recalls Italian American burlesque queen Ann Corio, some women disrobed on stage behind a screen or a white shadowgraph, while others alternately covered and "flashed" their flesh by manipulating artful props or peekaboo devices: a sheer body leotard (with strategically-placed sequins), the panel dress, feathers, parasols, fans, banana skirts, Spanish shawls, pasties, netting, veils, smoke and bubble machines, body makeup, and g-strings.
A gamma-ray shadowgraph confirmed that the forgery had been cast by a technique developed in the fourteenth century but was probably no more than 50 years old.
Contract notice: Providing of two benches measures by shadowgraph .