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sparring with an imaginary opponent (for exercise or training)

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Con-ass composed of Congress's two houses have to meet together, there can be no separate shadowboxing by the House and another by the Senate.
The way Clare play, the way Waterford play, it's going to be shadowboxing for a while.
It is thus ironic that Grosse's show ended up shadowboxing with the very forces that her work has always brought to light.
Merging the concept of shadowboxing framing and accessorizing, Basic Fun Inc.
Catley said: "My wife kept catching me shadowboxing in the kitchen and told me to get myself down the gym and get on with it before it's too late.
After six weeks of fell-running and shadowboxing, a lean, mean Andrew Flintoff had looked back in business earlier in the week - refreshed and ready to lead his country into battle again.
Shadowboxing is a riveting story of loss and permanence, power and weakness, stoicism and resistance.
Shadowboxing, by Tony Birch, Victoria: Scribe Publications, 2006.
Hot springs, soba, and a Sony robot shadowboxing performance were among the exhibits shown along the shores of West Lake, a major tourist destination in China, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
James' shadowboxing metaphor is used adroitly, demonstrating how revolutionary black feminists are the pugilists over-shadowed not only by official histories but also black liberal feminists.
We are framing photographs and shadowboxing precious objects, such as christening gowns, athletic awards, trophies and the like.
Angel has the same routine before every fight: He climbs into the ring and does some shadowboxing to demonstrate what he's learned in his own training.