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a drama executed by throwing shadows on a wall

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Givenchy (LVMH) opted for a sultry look with its Shadow Show eyecolors including Star Caress and Stylish Grey shades.
Although the wind takes scissors to the words, he makes them out, glances back at the shadow show, the windows of the sleepers, the lovers touching within:
There's a new laser light and shadow show called In the Dark in the Science Theatre currently running at The Life Science Centre which explores how light travels in straight lines and how polarising sunglasses create weird and wonderful effects.
They're investigating the murder of a producer and the disappearance of an actress who were both working on a noir-ish retro thriller called Shadow Show.
The brae acted as a sort of screen for a moonlit shadow show.
Amateur thespians who saw the recent otherwise excellent professional production of Blood Brothers on its visit to the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, must have been vastly encouraged by the inadvertent shadow show played out on an open door on the side of the stage, It was provided by an actress in the wings, who was playing about with two unidentified objects - which turned out to be a handbag and a headband for the mother of the bride, played by Denise Nolan, when she brought them on for the wedding scene soon afterwards.
If you're gardening in a small back yard, try painting the walls white and put on a shadow show - your friends will love it
And when the murder victim had bowed to the inevitable, the curtained alcove containing nothing but his remains provided an unwitting shadow show of backstage activity because of the lighting behind the drapes.
Shadow shows off her search skills at the Benton Park Primary - Civil Service Careers day
With white fabric screens, cardboard cutouts and table lamps draped in coloured cellophane as props, a group of young volunteers from the Ministry of Social Development recently learnt to create five-minute puppet shadow shows to deliver social messages with a lasting impact.
By drawing on both general trends in law and individual biographies, The Long, Lingering Shadow shows how legal innovations concerning racial categorization straddled the personal and the political.
John Davies's Man With His Shadow shows a tiny figure staring down at his shadow, very much hinting at isolation.
Enrich the shadow shows the experiences of children, develop the mentality of the child gives it focus its attention to the puppet performance and give the characteristics of personality.
Aside from panoramas, shadow shows, and structures such as Fonthill Abbey and the Temple of Health and Hymen, Otto provides rich and detailed accounts of phantasmagorias (illusionistic ghost-shows) and moving-picture shows, which used lighting and sound effects to create simulations of three-dimensional movement that contemporary audiences found very convincing.
Magic Lanterns were the forerunner of modern slide projectors, and although it is difficult to say who actually invented them, their roots can be traced back to the camera obscuras and shadow shows of the Middle Ages.