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a drama executed by throwing shadows on a wall

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The shadow play in Kelantan is performed primarily as a form entertainment in the towns and villages, for many people, and in the evening's a diversion from the routine daily life (Matusky, 1997: 14).
Over the past four years of working with these tools, we noticed that puppet theatre and shadow play had their own different audiences.
The Christmas Grump allows scope for the Northern Stage team's trademark lo-fi entertainment, such as puppets, shadow play and old-school playthings.
The Performing Arts in Medieval Islam: Shadow Play and Popular Poetry in Ihn Daniyal's Manduk Cairo.
Thus, cooperation between the Historical Museum of Kyrgyzstan and Xi'an Tang Dynasty West Market of China will assist to exchange cultures thanks to a folk art exhibition of customs of Shnxi province, the Shadow Play.
Dalal Maqari is a professor of the eastern theatre and shadow play in Germany.
Forgiveness--of the self and the other--constitutes one of the themes running through Shadow Play.
Staged by Brass Art, a Northern collective of artists - Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneke Pettican - together with composer Alistair MacDonald, the show explores the themes of shadow play, mirroring and doubles.
An original performance that displays an avant-garde story, Instructions for a Better Life is described as part choose-yourown-adventure, part shadow play and part manic romp through human psychology.
Lampi proves this point with terrifying conviction in her page-turner Shadow Play, a new psychological thriller that puts the tenacious and vulnerable Grace Rendeau, MD in the cross hairs of a quietly demented individual.
Our limited collection consists of unique combinations of carved wood, stonemasonry, mother of pearl craft calligraphy, gilding and shadow play technique on glass pieces," she said.
The troupe mixes ruhozi, a form of traditional Iranian theatrical performance, and the technique of shadow play to change the epic story of the battle between the evil ruler Zahhak and the mythical hero Kaveh into a musical comedy.
Not a single shadow play from the two centuries before Ibn Daniyal has been preserved, so we have no manuscripts to support the poet's claim that he raised the form to a new, literary status.
One thing missing was the Shadow Play feature (which was introduced on the desktop GTX 700 series cards.
These collected shadows--some occurring naturally, others manufactured by the artist--play on the screens like an indistinct, slo-mo Balinese shadow play, holding to moments of clarity before fading into a background of collaged photographs that line the walls.