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Synonyms for shade

Synonyms for shade

comparative darkness that results from the blocking of light rays

the degree of vividness of a color, as when modified by the addition of black or white pigment

the property by which the sense of vision can distinguish between objects, as a red apple and a green apple, that are very similar or identical in form and size

a slight variation between nearly identical entities

to shelter, especially from light


to make dark or darker

to make a slight reduction in (a price)


Synonyms for shade

relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body

a quality of a given color that differs slightly from another color

protective covering that protects something from direct sunlight

a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude

a position of relative inferiority

a slight amount or degree of difference

a mental representation of some haunting experience

a representation of the effect of shadows in a picture or drawing (as by shading or darker pigment)

Related Words

cast a shadow over

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represent the effect of shade or shadow on

protect from light, heat, or view

Related Words

vary slightly

pass from one quality such as color to another by a slight degree

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References in classic literature ?
Other shades now came down by the same way by which the door-shutters had gone up.
Thus talking hand in hand alone they pass'd On to thir blissful Bower; it was a place Chos'n by the sovran Planter, when he fram'd All things to mans delightful use; the roofe Of thickest covert was inwoven shade Laurel and Mirtle, and what higher grew Of firm and fragrant leaf; on either side ACANTHUS, and each odorous bushie shrub Fenc'd up the verdant wall; each beauteous flour, IRIS all hues, Roses, and Gessamin Rear'd high thir flourisht heads between, and wrought Mosaic; underfoot the Violet, Crocus, and Hyacinth with rich inlay Broiderd the ground, more colour'd then with stone Of costliest Emblem: other Creature here Beast, Bird, Insect, or Worm durst enter none; Such was thir awe of man.
O friends, I hear the tread of nimble feet Hasting this way, and now by glimps discerne ITHURIEL and ZEPHON through the shade, And with them comes a third of Regal port, But faded splendor wan; who by his gate And fierce demeanour seems the Prince of Hell, Not likely to part hence without contest; Stand firm, for in his look defiance lours.
The Fiend lookt up and knew His mounted scale aloft: nor more; but fled Murmuring, and with him fled the shades of night.
The girl was hardly out of sight when two men turned aside beneath the maple shade.
It was a pleasant walk, sometimes along the sea-beach and sometimes under the shade of the many beautiful trees.
Julius Schmidt pretends that, if the terrestrial oceans were dried up, a Selenite observer could not distinguish on the globe a greater diversity of shades between the oceans and the continental plains than those on the moon present to a terrestrial observer.
Now, were these shades of green, belonging to tropical vegetation, kept up by a low dense atmosphere?
Knightley had another reason for avoiding a table in the shade.
Morning decidedly the best timenever tired every sort goodhautboy infinitely superiorno comparison the others hardly eatablehautboys very scarceChili preferred white wood finest flavour of allprice of strawberries in London abundance about BristolMaple Grovecultivationbeds when to be renewedgardeners thinking exactly differentno general rule gardeners never to be put out of their waydelicious fruit only too rich to be eaten much ofinferior to cherries currants more refreshingonly objection to gathering strawberries the stoopingglaring suntired to deathcould bear it no longer must go and sit in the shade.
Seats tolerably in the shade were found; and now Emma was obliged to overhear what Mrs.
It was hot; and after walking some time over the gardens in a scattered, dispersed way, scarcely any three together, they insensibly followed one another to the delicious shade of a broad short avenue of limes, which stretching beyond the garden at an equal distance from the river, seemed the finish of the pleasure grounds.
The shade was most refreshing, and Emma found it the pleasantest part of the day.
78 million from the second round of the Community Shade Grant Program.
Radiation use efficiency increases when the diffuse component of the incident radiation is enhanced under shade.