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Synonyms for sexuality

sexual orientation


  • sexual orientation
  • sexual preference
  • leaning

Synonyms for sexuality

the quality or condition of being sensual

Synonyms for sexuality

the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles

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assisted partners in the District of Columbia (DC), Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia to advance state and local sexuality education policies and oppose abstinence-only-until-marriage policies and programs.
The show is highly academic in nature and will address many controversial topics often considered taboo from a completely objective standpoint so that the audience can be properly educated on the dynamics of sexuality in ways that do not buy into social conditioning that says that sex is immoral, improper to talk about, etc.
Sexuality in the New Testament has a most helpful introduction, a satisfying conclusion, eight chapters, and sixty-five pages of excellent end papers including a bibliography of 700 entries, as well as indexes of ancient and biblical sources, and of modern authors.
Although many researchers have studied the impact of sexuality education on students, not much is known about the values of the teachers related to how they deliver sexuality education content to their students.
STEVEN: To be honest, I've had nothing but incredible support and fantastic opportunities in the years I have been working in sexuality studies at a number of Australian universities.
Children with physical disabilities are less able to defend themselves; those with cognitive limitations are often not alert to potentially dangerous situations - a problem that may be heightened by a lack of knowledge about sex and sexuality.
Rather than exploring the Kinsey Reports as the title implies, Reumann uses the Kinsey Reports as a starting point to assess debates about sexuality in the post-war world.
The phrasing of the resolution, which will be among several others that are likely to be presented to General Synod when the issue of sexuality is debated, was approved by the Council of General Synod (COGS) at its fall meeting here.
This book, which has been recommended by two bishops and a number of well-known Catholic writers, deals with several aspects of the priesthood, and especially with sexuality and celibacy.
It was a comprehensive family life curriculum, considered a prime model of a comprehensive human sexuality and family life education, according to B.
Accordingly, the book is divided in six chapters, designed to explore various and relevant aspects of Gaye: his search for a style (chapter 1), the politics of soul music (chapter 2), sexuality and spirituality (chapter 3), black love and secret romance (chapter 4), eroticism and exodus (chapter 5) and afroedipalism, corporal punishment, and the politics of self-destruction (chapter 6), followed by an after-word largely devoted to R.
In a large classroom packed with students, Professor Nick Baham is teaching a course called African American Sexuality.
Readers of The Progressive might expect at least a few words of support for those queers who are striving against increasingly formidable odds to maintain a public culture of sexuality where freedom and individuality are honored, diversity is respected, and information is shared.
Now the parent of a 13-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, Hollendonner wants to make sure her children learn a different message about sex and sexuality.
Come join us for a weekend of honoring sacred sexuality in a safe and sacred environment.