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Indeed, her initial sexual union with Parkin is immediately preceded by her donning of Parkin's coarse, soiled garden gloves.
The act of sexual union in marriage speaks of a total gift of self, but one is not giving oneself totally if the gift of fertility is deliberately held back from the other.
By "personal complementarity," S/L mean a sexual union that includes psycho-affective and spiritual complementarity, but that is brought about by what they call "orientation complementarity.
Is there more than one form of covenanted sexual union that is sacramental of God's grace?
Catholic teaching on sexuality limits intercourse to an ideal within an ideal: sexual union characterized by mutuality, profundity, and sanctity between two people joined by lifelong marriage vows.
SCIENTISTS in India say they have discovered two fossils fused together in sexual union for 65 million years.
They believe white Anglo-Saxons are the chosen people described in the Bible and that Jews are the product of a sexual union between Eve and Satan.
And Honore motivates the mother's suicide, at the climactic moment of sexual union with her son, as a consequence of obscure feelings of guilt, combined with the ennui that results from a life of sterile and loveless pleasures.
First, he argued forcefully for an understanding of sexual union in which sex always creates a "one-flesh" relationship between the two people involved.
The beautiful hymns, explicitly sexual, were also the basis of a re-enactment of this sexual union by the King and the Priestess of Inanna in a rite of fertility ushering in the rainy season.
McCarrick also argued that the use of condoms "contradicts our faith's understanding of sexual union as an expression of spousal love.
Cleaver's focus on the sexual union between black men and white women can be seen as an attempt to wrestle power from a white supremacist patriarchal state.
Instead of teaching children that sexual activity is normal from puberty onwards, we should explain what all our ancestors knew--that sexual union really only finds its true meaning and purpose in the lifelong union of marriage between a man and a woman.
In this and other passages, (23) Jesus asserts that companionship is the primary end of sexual union within marriage.