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In fact, for Pablo, the sexual union with Luis has a curative effect that momentarily releases him from the agony of his HIV-related illnesses: "La visita de Luis llego como un rayo de energia.
Besides sexual union Islam likewise disallows physical contact between non-muhrim (those with whom marriage may be contracted).
The couple's first sexual union closes with an unceremonious grunt from Parkin as he ejaculates while Connie reclines beneath him, conspicuously motionless (and "unfulfilled").
The act of sexual union in marriage speaks of a total gift of self, but one is not giving oneself totally if the gift of fertility is deliberately held back from the other.
By "personal complementarity," S/L mean a sexual union that includes psycho-affective and spiritual complementarity, but that is brought about by what they call "orientation complementarity.
Is there more than one form of covenanted sexual union that is sacramental of God's grace?
In Shakespeare's earliest tragedy, Titus Andronicus, we see the sexual union of Aaron, the black Moor, with Tamora, white Queen of the Goths.
Catholic teaching on sexuality limits intercourse to an ideal within an ideal: sexual union characterized by mutuality, profundity, and sanctity between two people joined by lifelong marriage vows.
SCIENTISTS in India say they have discovered two fossils fused together in sexual union for 65 million years.
In the first part three chapters examine basic tropes that Vettori wishes to explore in greater depth in the latter part of his study: the concept of nudity, the mysticism of sexual union, and the harmony of the cosmos.
And Honore motivates the mother's suicide, at the climactic moment of sexual union with her son, as a consequence of obscure feelings of guilt, combined with the ennui that results from a life of sterile and loveless pleasures.
The beautiful hymns, explicitly sexual, were also the basis of a re-enactment of this sexual union by the King and the Priestess of Inanna in a rite of fertility ushering in the rainy season.
Chapter 6, "French Encounter: Crafting Transparency," takes up Restif de la Bretonne's La Terre Australe, Diderot's Supplement au Voyage de Bougainville, and Sade's Aline et Valcour to show how mixing, hybridity, and amalgamation incorporate differences through sexual union.
The game of love that both Catherine and Frederic play early on in A Farewell to Arms--he by calculating his chances for a sexual union, she by forcing him to act the part of her dead fiance (and later by subordinating her desires to his)--suggests a continuing inability on the writer's part to recognize that love can be mutually beneficial, mutually rewarding on a physical and spiritual level.
9 He contends that sexual activity outside of marriage is not only imprudent but also damages the integrity of the participants, while "the sexual union of spouses--far from being something extrinsic to marriage or merely instrumental to procreation, pleasure, the expression of tender feelings, or anything else--is an essential aspect of marriage as an intrinsic human good.