sexual pleasure

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pleasure derived from sexual activities

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We sexuality educators need to broaden our perspectives to include sexual pleasure as part of the larger issue of body awareness.
USA], Sep 21 ( ANI ): Turns out, women have more diverse preferences related to sexual pleasure than believed.
To rekindle your sex life and offer her memorable sexual pleasure, you can also massage the male organ using Mast Mood oil, which is one of the proven herbal erectile dysfunction remedies, daily two times.
He's saying he did this for his own sexual pleasure.
I'll admit to that-- lots of sexual pleasure through the years,
But as Daf Yomi readers have learned over the last several years, the ethics of sexual pleasure has always been an important question in Judaism.
The surprisingly low level of attention given to sexuality and sexual pleasure in the field of reproductive health is well documented.
She skilfully distinguishes the importance of a black feminist archive that is oriented towards ecstasy and, critically, contextualises how the fraught nature of racialised sexual pleasure exists and circulates within social, economic and political systems of dominance and inequality.
This US-focused opinion piece investigated a variety of popular and professional discourses about the cultural expectations surrounding sexual pleasure that create barriers to access for women with disabilities.
com)-- O'actually, the new online platform promoting fun, playful and sophisticated adult entertainment, launches their inaugural online festival, an opportunity for film-makers, artists and writers to win cash prizes for creating new, innovative, sexually stimulating work celebrating women's sexual pleasure.
After the killing you took sexual pleasure in her body, then treated her body with contempt, dumping her in a remote area.
Marketers say the latex condoms deliver a breakthrough in sexual pleasure for both men and women.
He lost all sensation below the waist and feared he would never be able to experience sexual pleasure again.
Sexual pleasure and satisfaction--experienced through physical, mental and emotional processes--are integral components of the human sexual experience, yet these crucial aspects of sexuality are rarely, if ever, placed on sexual education agendas.
The Cultural Context Of Sexual Pleasure And Problems