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pleasure derived from sexual activities

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5) Furthermore, Higgins and Hirsch contend that current behavioral models of contraceptive decision making consider women's contraceptive use and choice of methods only in terms of access, effectiveness, ease of use and desire to use a contraceptive method, but ignore considerations of sexual pleasure.
O'actually believes that women's sexual pleasure betters the world and is seeking out artists who share their desire to show what equality looks like in the bedroom (or anywhere else hot, a bar, treehouse, cave, kitchen, spaceship, office, tent, open fields, teepee, your boss' house, alleyways, etc.
Originally noticing from my own bedroom experiences with a Husband who is registered Blind and then meeting socially with other disabled people it was obvious that a large proportion of UK adults were being ignored when it came to sexual pleasures.
The paper will focus on SPs' differing reactions to youth's desire to learn about sexual pleasure, as well as issues of educational funding and debates around the most appropriate spaces for sexual education that incorporates pleasure.
Graham (Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, University of Southampton, England), "The Cultural Context of Sexual Pleasure and Problems: Psychotherapy with Diverse Clients" is a 416 page compendium comprised of fifteen seminal contributions by experts in the field of sex therapy.
This show goes behind the scenes of one of the UK's most successful online, sex toy businesses - Lovehoney - a thriving operation that brings sexual pleasure to the women and men of Britain through the click of a button.
BADLY fitting condoms reduce sexual pleasure for both partners and are more likely to split, research suggests.
WASHINGTON: Condoms that do not fit right could break and may reduce sexual pleasure for both partners, suggesting reasons why men and women often fail to use them, researchers reported on Monday.
WOMEN often use fantasy as a way to enhance sexual pleasure.
The East has always had allure for the West, and has offered a place where sexual pleasure is not necessarily associated with sin.
Many women think condoms undermine sexual pleasure, but those who use hormonal contraception and condoms report higher overall sexual satisfaction, according to data from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Bloomington.
The voices of real-life men and women with AS, and their partners, offer insight on AS attitudes towards sexual identity, developing relationships, and exploring options and choices for sexual pleasure.
It has been some time since I have seen anything in print about sexual pleasure as an issue in birth control programs.
No studies on the procedure's use to enhance sexual pleasure appear in the medical literature and there is no evidence that the procedure is effective for enhancing female sexual pleasure.
Chapters address the basics of human sexuality for pleasure, step-by-step techniques to use, types of G-Spot friendly coitus, how to deal with common problems that interfere with sexual pleasure (such as discomfort, "orgasm anxiety", or the urge to urinate), case studies, and more.