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a leading developer of first-in-class drugs for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in both women and men, today announced that Nicolas Sitchon, CEO of S1 Biopharma, will present at the BIO-Europe 2015 Conference on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at the International Congress Center in Munich, Germany.
In a series of three phase III clinical trials in North America, premenopausal women who met the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and who were in a stable monogamous relationship took flibanserin or placebo.
Yet, in most cases of low sexual desire in women, it is difficult to attribute their symptoms to an exclusively biological cause," Dr.
The movement to treat low desire using pharmaceutical interventions has led to potential concerns about pathologizing normal variation in female sexual desire (Bancroft, Loffus, & Long, 2003; Tiefer, 2001).
Despite of women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder reporting boost in sexual desire and reduction in stress with the drugs, the FDA has twice rejected flibanserin since 2010.
The FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee voted 10-1 that the studies presented by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals did not provide enough evidence that flibanserin, a centrally acting drug, was an effective treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), a persistent or recurrent deficiency or absence of desire for sexual activity.
HSDD is a medical condition characterised by a decrease in sexual desire associated with marked distress and/or interpersonal difficulties.
In his ceaseless ogling of women, the Super seems an exemplary case of the sort of "fascinated looking" Pollock associates with sexual desire and that psychoanalytic theory broadly treats as the "male gaze.
A medical history can disclose diseases that lead to ED, while a simple recounting of sexual activity might distinguish between problems with sexual desire, erection, ejaculation, or orgasm.
The few psychiatrists involved in sex-offender treatment also prescribe medications that dim sexual desire or motivation.
In April 2000, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first product to treat female sexual dysfunction, which it defines as decreased sexual desire, decreased sexual arousal, pain during intercourse, or inability to climax.
At times, too, he implies that violent behavior and consorting with prostitutes demonstrated the repression of sexual desire for people other than wives or women in general.
If you notice a change in sexual desire after starting a new medication, tell your doctor or nurse.
Other male sexual dysfunctions such as inability to have an orgasm, decreased sexual desire, and premature ejaculation have not been well-studied in the male population.
Alienation is rife in The Maverick Strain, a point hammered home by staging a man and a woman together on a bed as the evening's only scene in which sexual desire plays no part.