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In male and female red tilapias, sexual characteristics can be differentiated by the shape of the body and relative position of the genital papilla.
Pediatric research concerning secondary sexual characteristics and menses in young girls indicates that among HA (n = 699, ages 10-17 yrs.
Perper's Sex Signals: The Biology of Love argues that "secondary" sexual characteristics such as hair growth are still imagined to conform to a strict bipolarity because they are seen as emblematic essences -- emblematic of primary sexual characteristics which are now almost always imagined as "naturally" bipolar (184-86).
As the study of sexual abnormalities shows, however, mix-ups in sexual development can create people whose bodies have a nonstandard combination of sexual characteristics and whose gender identity can be complex and intrude into conscious awareness.
Parents reported the development of sexual characteristics in their girls.
Indeed women's femininity scores correlated significantly with their certainty of self-rating on all six of the sexual characteristic categories.
Response to treatment was good in them with the onset of menses and improvement of secondary sexual characteristics.
Third, it is important to examine the extent to which marital and sexual satisfaction profiles and their symptom and sexual characteristic correlates are affected by gender and occupation.
Portugal + Equal defines guidelines in the areas of equality between women and men, preventing and combating violence against women, domestic violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual characteristics, to be implemented in the next 12 years (up to 2030).
Transitioning is the process of altering one's gender presentation and sexual characteristics to conform to what one's internal and personal sense of gender identity is.
Secondary sexual characteristics develop in the same manner and at the same age that they do in children without DS.
Physically he was a young, well built male with well developed secondary sexual characteristics.
Examination of secondary sexual characteristics revealed that the breast was small and poorly developed (Tanner's Stage II).