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having six units or components

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The different SNPs were combined to generate the following mutant Pfdhfr/Pfdhps haplotypes: quadruple haplo type (double Pfdhfr [CICNI/CNRNI] with double Pfdhps [AGEAA/SGEAA]); quintuple haplotypes (triple Pfdhfr with double Pfdhps [CNRNI-AGEAA/SGEAA] or double Pfdhfr with triple Pfdhps [CICNI-SGEGA]); and sextuple haplotype (triple Pfdhfr [CIRNI] and triple Pfdhps [SGEGA]).
6D/H Multiline extrusion blow machine with two 70-mm extruders and twin sextuple heads with a 75-mm centerline distance.
But if you think that was hard to take then spare a thought for poor Pablo Larrazabal who bombed out of contention with an astonishing sextuple bogey - a nine at a par THREE.
Spaniard Pablo Larrazabal had an incredible sextuple bogey nine on the short 17th - it included two penalty drops and a left-handed air shot in the bushes left of the green - and world number four Sergio Garcia was one of several stars to finish with a triple bogey seven.
If Garcia felt downbeat, it was nothing compared to his fellow countryman Pablo Larrazabal, who suffered an even greater calamity, chalking up a sextuple bogey nine on the 225-yard 17th.
TSC runs 53 stores in nine countries across the Middle East and North Africa and aims to sextuple this number within the next three to five years.
He underwent sextuple bypass open-heart surgery at Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center four days later.
more than sextuple its net income for the third quarter.
In the late 1950s, Allan Martin shot competitively, winning the Sextuple American Event at the U.
For those who might have nodded during Sextuple Syllables 101, the v-word shakes out as "something that has the appearance of being true or real.
En el periodo de cuarenta dias comprendido entre el anuncio de las postulaciones y la entrega de los premios, el uso indiscriminado de las palabras Mexico, mexicano y latino genero decenas de cuartillas que cuestionaron los motivos ocultos (casi siempre en el entendido de que los habia) para la postulacion sextuple de la pelicula Frida, la inclusion de El crimen del padre Amaro en la terna de Mejor Pelicula Extranjera, y la posibilidad de premiar a Carlos Cuaron en la categoria de Mejor Guion Original por la pelicula Y tu mama tambien.
In 1988, Rusher stepped down as National Review's publisher, in the wake of a heart attack and sextuple bypass surgery.
In sextuple speed mode, a full 650MB disc can be written in approximately ten minutes, compared with nineteen minutes in quadruple speed (4x), thirty-eight minutes in double speed (2x) and seventy-six minutes in single speed (1x).
Former medalists from the Houston Ballet performed four of Stevenson's works for opening night, and guest artists--and former Jackson medalists--Katherine Healy and Jose Manuel Carreno danced the Don Quixote Pas de Deux; he was elegant as usual and she managed a series of fouettes that included quadruple and sextuple pirouettes.
This, on top of a House subcommittee proposal to sextuple the federal tax on a pack of coffin nails, from 24 cents to $1.