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having no evident sex or sex organs

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Does Miss Amelia's sexlessness render her like that child, not comprehending what she sees and so unable to defend herself against it?
For disabled women, this reminder of otherness, of not having gained entry to an adult, public world, also revolves around an assumption of sexlessness.
Paradoxically, then, Hughes's staging of childhood as utopian in its sexlessness replicates the utopianism of its sex-obsessed parody.
By refracting the performance through retrievals of 'Shojo' formations of sexlessness and its modern manifestations in Japanese 'cute' culture, she defends the play as a 'counter-attack on the ideology of patriarchy' and a celebration of consumption at the expense of production and reproduction (p.
Music Is My Bag people have a sexlessness to them, a pastiness.
Later, the galumphing sexlessness of Bintley's choreography isn't helped by setting "Steam Heat" against the sculptural equivalent of an enormous elephant's ovary, so it's a special delight when the banner-waving "7 1/2 Cents" then takes place, Socialist Realist-style, against not very much at all.
The word "gender" is a term only for the grammatical classification of words, and includes neuter gender or sexlessness (see an unexpurgated OED), whereas there is no neuter gender in the sexes, only male or female.
If they are re-engineered into sexlessness, they will not have sex.
And all relevant items I found there: my first book of Milton, The Hamlet, the yellow, leaf-dropping Rimbaud, and a book Of poems friends and I had printed in college, not to mention The collection of sexual Japanese prints--strange sex of mechanical sexlessness.
I have to say I don't think trying to spice up your marriage on its own would help your husband's sexlessness.
I hate that word," he says, "because androgyny implies sexlessness, and I'm all for--and have built my career on--clothes that are sexy.
id at 123-24 (referring to flat or low heels as "mannish" and elaborating on sexlessness of "sensible" shoes).
The sexlessness of the Catherine-Heathcliff relationship, noted (as 'purity') by early reviewers and emphasized in Lord David Cecil's seminal appraisal,(10) has been regarded in the light of possible blood ties.
There can be no authorized readings since the induction has pre-emptively established that construction is always misconstruction, while Overdo's warrant and the puppets' sexlessness are white spaces into which an infinity of possibilities can be written.
To Wilbur the inevitable fall is a fortunate fall, for despite her half-masculinity, despite her sexlessness, Moran is, Wilbur muses, "after all, a woman" (p.