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a manual containing instruction in sexual techniques

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Manorama Ke Patr: Apne Premiyon Ke Naam , a near sex manual written by Madan Mohan Malviya's nephew K.
If you've always wondered how to perform a particular technique, look up how it's done in a sex manual or on the internet.
A Polish priest has caused controversy with his 'saucy and fantasy packed' sex manual, reported The Telegraph .
Some saucy films, a good sex manual and a loving wife prepared to give new things a try.
This leads to some classic Mrs Brown moments, helped along the way as ever by Winnie, Cathy, Maria, Betty and the lads - and a certain sex manual which makes an important appearance.
A superb sex manual ideal for elevating one's sex life to new heights of passion.
Written by research psychoanalyst Paul Joannides, who has served on the editorial board of the American Journal of Sex Education, Guide To Getting It On is the award-winning, comprehensive sex manual, written in plain, sometimes informal terms for lay readers and illustrated with occasional black-and-white drawings (which are often sexually explicit, but are intended specifically for educational purposes, not titillation).
Gold once attracted a complaint from Buckingham Palace when her sex toy and lingerie chain put up posters to advertise a sex manual in store of the Queen with a thought bubble reading: "Phwoar, one must get one".
Well, kissing leads to petting and mutual masturbation, and finally to sexual intercourse over the next months--detail by detail, just like in a kind of sex manual.
With loads of government funding and teams of health department bureaucrats, Planned Parenthood authored and widely distributed a sex manual in Nova Scotia in 2004.
In general, responsibilizing discourses frequently involve competition between authorities; for example, injunctions about the permissibility of using a contraceptive which a religious authority may disapprove and a sex manual may support.
Evangelical sex manual authors defend their advice as the authentic Christian approach unsullied by distorted visions of sexuality that arose from misinterpretation of Scripture or false Christian traditions that have erroneously emphasized celibacy or denigrated the body.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask (United Artists 1972 In the only comedy ever based on a sex manual, Woody Allen takes the title of Dr.
Haynes manuals are known for there attention to detail and obsessive knowledge about every working part of the subject covered (how this transfers to the Haynes Sex manual I'm not sure) and 'Build Your Own Computer' is no exception.