sex kitten

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a young woman who is thought to have sex appeal

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TV writer MARION McMULLEN checks out the hunks and the sex kittens who have steamed up viewers' screens.
Is there something deep-down wrong with an NFL game analyst if he keeps referring to Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington as former '60s sex kitten Joey Heatherton?
Sixties sex kitten Brigitte Bardot vamped it up on the screen in off-the-shoulder woollies.
The other is Newt's now-famous "pouting sex kitten," Erica, an exotic German spy, who ensnares the President's chief of staff by nuzzling his neck and biting his shoulder as "her fingers entwined the fur of his chest.
It can sound like a sex kitten with a whip: "No excuses, no explanations, no complaints.
In Confessions of A Sex Kitten (Barricade Books, $20) Eartha Kitt offers a personal exploration of her turbulent life and career.
Dinky), Carlitos, who offers Penn and Telleresque trick tips and a European sex kitten (Simone).
Sex kitten Haifa Wehbe and Syrian heartthrob Samo Zein have combined their "voices" together in a new duet titled "Al Qittah" (The Cat).
But today Roberts is a confident, tough-talking sex kitten and fast becoming a style icon.
It's been nearly 35 years since Bardot gave up movies and stopped bothering about her sex kitten status.
Wide-eyed sex kitten Rae (Ricci) is bereft since the departure of her sweet boyfriend Ronnie (Timberlake) to National Guard boot camp.
The 5ft 2in sex kitten was presented with the wacky footwear by US comedienne Ellen DeGeneres on her hit chat show.
The myth of BB is finished - Former sex kitten Brigitte Bardot.
AFTER pathetic attempts to court controversy with her Madonna smooch, pop princess Britney Spears is desperate to convince us that she's a sex kitten.