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Informed by an evolutionary perspective suggesting that secondary sex characteristics can function as visual heuristics pertinent to a woman's relative capacity to produce/nurture offspring, and mindful of the dual impact of testosterone on body hair growth and infertility among women of reproductive age (Apter, 1980; Azziz et al.
Suzuki and Yamasaki (1991) found that female secondary sex characteristics were induced by the presence of vitellogenic ovaries, whereas pre-vitellogenic ovaries had no effect.
Environmental contaminants can have organizational effects on sex differentiation and on expression of secondary sex characteristics in a variety of vertebrates (3-17).
a noticeable incongruence between the gender that the patient sees themselves as and their sex characteristics
Malta was applauded for its Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sex Characteristics Act (GIGESC), which is meant to protect individuals' physical integrity, bodily autonomy, and self-determination.
He advised avoiding finasteride until body hair and other desired secondary sex characteristics are fully developed, which could be up to 2 years.
The report Protection against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics in the European Union: Comparative legal analysis reveals key developments and trends in the legal protection of fundamental rights of LGBTI people across the EU.
Zzyym is the associate director of the United States affiliate of the Organization Intersex International, an advocacy group for intersex people who are "born with, or who develop naturally in puberty, biological sex characteristics which are not typically male or female," according to its (http://oii-usa.
Age and sex characteristics of DS users did not differ significantly from nonusers, however users displayed a general pattern of greater socioeconomic advantage and health behaviours such as high levels of education, higher leisure-time energy expenditure and less likelihood of smoking.
ffowever, a person's sex is actually a combination of bodily characteristics including chromosomes, hormones, internal and external reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics.
Futanari: a manga character who contains sex characteristics of both genders
The council had argued, among other things, that many people born with both sex characteristics who were operated on as children say they wouldn't have consented to the surgery.
Exposure of male fish to these chemicals can lead to 'feminization', including decrease in secondary sex characteristics and production of female-specific proteins such as vitellogenin (VTG).
The images of performers who, despite manifest secondary and tertiary male sex characteristics, are in the process of adding female ones without erasing the former; artists who are captured an amalgam of putatively conflicting sexual characteristics; artists whose performance persona reveal in full view the hand that de/constructs them.
In teleost fishes, the brain-pituitary-gonad (BPG) axis regulates sexual development, reproductive activity, and expression of secondary sex characteristics, such as nuptial ornamentation.