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a change in a person's physical sexual characteristics (as by surgery and hormone treatments)

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The prisoners will go on to seek gender realignment surgery and hormone treatments for a sex change on the NHS, which costs from PS10,000 to PS14,000.
We tested the hypothesis that the effects of conspecifics on animal size and time of sex change in the tropical slipper limpet Crepidula cf.
She earlier went to the High Civil Court on behalf of two other women seeking sex changes.
Bolly actor and experts tell Bidhan to abort his sex change plan )
Sex changes have been legal in Iran since Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatva 25 years ago authorizing the operations for "diagnosed transsexuals.
Canada allows sex changes and pays for them, for example, in prisons.
Around 400 sex change operations take place in the UK each year.
NHS Lothian paid pounds 479,000 for 26 sex changes, 13 had ops courtesy of NHS Grampian, totalling pounds 148,000, NHS Tayside has paid pounds 35,900 for five patients, while NHS Forth Valley spent pounds 56,000 on six sex change ops.
Lothian police have announced that officers who have a sex change will recieve two years' full pay while off.
But suspicions have been raised in recent weeks with larger-than-life Nadia keeping an unusually quiet counsel on the subject of sex changes while the others indulge in innuendo.
The six are among eight people who have undergone sex changes at Saitama Medical School and Okayama University since 1998.
She was distressed about the fact that two of our co-workers--two lesbians --had recently committed to undertaking female-to-male sex changes.
It is thought that all previous known sex changes by teachers in the country have involved men becoming women.
Sex changes in fish are fairly common (SN: 10/21/95, p.
The confab, organized by supporters of sex changes, will include a panel discussion with feminist activists and transsexuals, the group members said.