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a change in a person's physical sexual characteristics (as by surgery and hormone treatments)

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I believe that everyone has the unalienable right to choose their gender, and if that means a sex change, so be it.
The medical examiner will note down their current situation before they undergo a sex change operation abroad.
Janahi, who is the only Arab lawyer specialising in transsexual cases in the region, explained that a specialised doctor has to conduct tests and state in a report that the person requires a sex change operation, which could be performed overseas, before filing a court case.
In Iran, sex change operations do not carry the cultural baggage they do in the West.
River, who is waiting for sex change surgery, added: "At one point he said, 'It's got a penis', which is so offensive.
Judge Peter Heywood told the jury:"He's altered his name by deed poll and as I understand it he is trans-gender and is awaiting a sex change operation in due course.
What is more, argued Ability members, undergoing a sex change operation in especially hard in Bulgaria, for clinics request an initial court decision before starting the procedure.
The major aim of the current study is to examine the relationship between sex change and lower aesthetasc number, and the greater variation in aesthetasc number in EP shrimp than in MP shrimp.
Bolly actor and experts tell Bidhan to abort his sex change plan )
Mumbai The Bombay High Court yesterday gave a go-ahead to the sex change operation of 21-year-old man from Guwahati, Bidhan Baruah, saying that he was an "adult" and could take his own decision.
And you may have heard that Cher's daughter Chaz Bono has recently undergone a sex change, so is now Cher's son.
THE former brother-in-law of a top Midland cop who admitted making the officer's life a misery had once considered a sex change.
Summary: A woman with stubble who is undergoing a sex change has appeared in court accused of pushing a cross-dresser under a train.
SEX change operations have cost the NHS in Coventry and Warwickshire a quarter of a million pounds in the last five years.
SEX CHANGE patients no longer face a postcode lottery for treatment in Yorkshire.