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a change in a person's physical sexual characteristics (as by surgery and hormone treatments)

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Rule 2: Relative size For the second sex change rule, the mean size of all individuals in the mating group determines the probability of sex change for an individual.
But suspicions have been raised in recent weeks with larger-than-life Nadia keeping an unusually quiet counsel on the subject of sex changes while the others indulge in innuendo.
If Earl Dodger has a sex change, does he become a countess, in which case there will then be two Countess Dodgers?
The prevailing theme of theories and models so far, West says, is that sex change evolves when age makes a huge difference in one sex's reproduction success but not the other's.
According to the Cardif-based company's latest Insurance Price Index, average savings made by a 21 year old female driving an Audi TT quattro, compared to a man of the same age, are such that over just two years a man could more than pay for the cost of a sex change operation and have enough left over for a brand new wardrobe.
Lawyers said only one transsexual who has undergone a sex change operation has managed to change gender in a family register since 1980.
Okayama University Hospital is the second medical institution to perform a sex change operation in Japan.
Pupils at the pounds 15,000-a-year boarding school will today be officially told the news about their maths, physics and technology teacher's sex change.
But today's female-to-male sex change candidates don't feel that way.
He is the first male to revert to his original sex after undergoing a DOUBLE sex change.
Autobody, 1992, presents a frontal view of a male torso, the genitals hidden from sight, with black stitchlike tucks below the belly and breasts that suggest the subject of the photograph has had a sex change or that his sexuality has been excised altogether.
The presiding judge in the case has asked the public prosecution to speed up the work of the committee assigned to examine the women, and present a report on whether they are eligible for sex change.
Lahore -- The Lahore High Court (LHC) has sought recommendations from the relevant doctor in sex change case of a girl Ayesha, 24 and adjourned the hearing till next date.
NINE prisoners held in the same jail are planning to have a sex change.