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a spermatozoon or an ovum

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Analyzing the racialized practices of classifying and commodifying sex cells and their providers, the next section shows how white futurities are created in Mexico's IVF laboratories.
Leptin hormone stimulate increasing of androgenic hormones secretion such as testosterone and this hormone proliferate sex cells [20].
A bid to ban scientists from creating "true" animal-human hybrid embryos using sex cells was later rejected by 223 votes to 286.
Apart from the sex cells, the sperm and egg, all other human cells contain 46 chromosomes, with 23 inherited from the mother and 23 from the father.
Human iPS cells, if they are truly pluripotent, should be capable of generating human sex cells.
The book, which is explicit in parts, also offers some tamer scenarios, such as: Sex Cells, which features enticing tips for sending each other racy photos via e-mail; Ear Candy, which details how to download sexy songs and stories into his iPod; and Den of Sin, which explains how to transform your bedroom into a boudoir.
The conclusions drawn from these studies were that testis-ova were formed during the process of spermatogenesis and arose as a consequence of the transformation of spermatogonia B into female sex cells (oocytes) (Shibata and Hamaguchi 1988).
The stomach and bladder are irritated by caffeine and there is widespread interference in various enzyme systems, damage to the chromosomes of the sex cells and other body cells, along with many other unwanted actions.
McCormick, "occurs deep inside the flower when the two male sex cells that are carried in each pollen grain meet, recognize, and fuse with two different cells in the female part of the flower--the embryo sac.
This is the means by which a human being produces haploid (containing only 23 chromosomes) sex cells, or gametes.
While two types of sex cells exist--sperm and egg--it is more difficult to sort individuals into these binary classes.
Sex cells, the sperm and the egg, have only one set of 23 chromosomes apiece.
The union of two such sex cells (male germ cell and female germ cell) to form a zygote constitutes the process of fertilization and initiates the life of a new individual.
Furthermore, he discovered that in the formation of the sex cells (that is, the ova and spermatozoa), the division of chromosomes during one of the cell divisions was not preceded by a doubling.