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a spermatozoon or an ovum

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Evening the odds Female flower parts may be able to influence their mix of suitors by delaying the starting gun that sends pollen racing toward female sex cells.
In some cases, the trisomy never occurs: DNA from a normal sex cell may never even integrate into a newly fertilized cell that already has two copies of that DNA segment.
Nottinghamshire and Greater Manchester said they were looking into five alleged sex cells each.
Sex cells, or other stem cells which must be able to divide more than normal cells, have this feature.
Sex cells and stem cells are able to reactivate telomerase because they have to divide more than normal cells.
The idea is to use the preserved cells to generate stem cells and sex cells and then clone him.
Testosterone is the most important hormones in sex cells proliferation [12, 14].
Many coral species release their buoyant bundles of sex cells during highly synchronized mass spawnings.
While originally accepted, the theory was eventually thrown out because science revealed that animals pass along DNA through their gamete or sex cells, which are not affected by the environment.
and colleagues report that during starvation, sexually mature adult worms stop ovulating and the germline component of their reproductive system - the sex cells, including mature and maturing eggs - dies off and leaves behind nothing but a few stem cells.
MPs also backed the use of so-called "true hybrids" using the sex cells of a human and an animal by 286 to 223.
When MPs were allowed to vote according to their consciences, they rejected, by 286 to 223, a ban on the use of so-called "true hybrids" using the sex cells of a human and an animal.
A bid to ban scientists from creating "true" animal-human hybrid embryos using sex cells was later rejected by 223 votes to 286.