sex bomb

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a young woman who is thought to have sex appeal

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The police said that the Sex Bomb Gang members, named after the popular all-female dance group, all live in Tondo.
The shy Brummie had previously revealed he was embarrassed by his sex symbol image after the Sex Bomb ads topped public popularity and advertising industry polls.
That was then: Raquel smoulders in typical 1960s style; This is now: Hilary ditches boyish image for sex bomb look
Meanwhile, Intercon-X's Web masters, John (Josh Hamilton) and Moe (Harold Perrineau, who's also in this May's cyber-themed The Matrix: Reloaded), face their own dilemmas involving a bisexual sex bomb (Vanessa Ferlito), a suicidal nice gal (Isabel Gillies), and an enigmatic exhibitionist (Liz Owens).
I don't think you have to walk around dressed like a sex bomb to be sexy.
THE Scottish actress first made her name playing sex bomb lawyer Anna in cult hit This Life.
TOM DASCOMBE called an end to his 11 years in the saddle after he rode Sex Bomb in the second leg of the novice hurdle at Fontwell yesterday, and is off to pastures new in America.
Young and old joined in with the colourful Welsh sex symbol who belted out Burning Down The House, Ain't That A Lot Of Love, Momma Told Me Not To Come and then finished of with Sex Bomb.
The four Brown Thomas stores around the country are encouraging us all to embrace our inner sex bomb and are hosting fashion and lingerie workshops, alluring make-up masterclasses and exclusive product launches.
Sydney, Mar 21 (ANI): Celesbian Ruby Rose has departed from her usual boy-short cropped black hair and transformed into a fierce, blonde sex bomb for Cleo magazine's April issue.
HE'S the Sex Bomb about to celebrate his 70th birthday - a music legend who still has women half his age screaming and throwing their underwear.
HOW does legendary Sex Bomb Sir Tom Jones relax when he's on the road?
IT'S not unusual to hear African Grey parrot Charlie belting out Tom Jones's hit song Sex Bomb from his perch at the home of his stunned Birmingham owners.
Sex bomb Tom Jones strutted his stuff at a charity bash in Los Angeles, which honoured Beatles producer Sir George Martin.
The programme will vary from Calon Lan and Cwm Rhondda to the BTM Band's version of Tom Jones' Sex Bomb.