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At one stage he lay on the ground and simulated the sex act.
A YOUNG girl told a jury how she was paid to watch a man perforf m sex acts in front of her.
Mr Newcombe added Flynn said he had had sex with three underage girls, and had broadcast two images of himself performing a sex act.
The girl also described seeing a video on Harper's computer of a woman performing a sex act on him.
Kerr, 75, allegedly forced women into sex acts, saying it was part of their treatment.
A teacher has been struck off after performing a sex act to a teenage boy on the internet.
The boy told police Bartolotta and Meyer at first asked him to perform one sex act, but that later escalated to bondage, sex with another man, and young people, according to the paper.
A CONVICTED sex offender who tried to bribe a 14-year-old girl into performing a sex act on him with cannabis was spared prison.
A MAN and woman appeared in court accused of outraging public decency by engaging in a sex act on a busy Middlesbrough road.
A PERVERT from Halifax who incited a 10-year-old girl to commit a sex act has been jailed.
A MAN accused of causing a child to watch a sex act has been sent for trial at Newcastle Crown Court.
AN indecent assault charge against an 18-year-old woman and a man of 27, accused of forcing their alleged victim to perform a sex act and to strip, was dropped yesterday.
A police officer who failed to pay a prostitute after she performed a sex act on him told her 'You can trust me, I'm a policeman,' a court heard yesterday.
RON Davies today admitted going for a walk at a beauty spot where a national newspaper claims he committed a gay sex act with a stranger.