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The prosecutor said Beck then performed a sex act on her partner.
Even one anal sex act monthly greatly raises the risk of HIV transmission in straight couples.
In 2011, Jones grabbed a young boy as he walked to school, hoping to persuade the child to engage in sex acts with him, but was charged with battery.
The 27-year-old, who comes from a well-known family in table tennis circles and is ranked No12 in Scotland, denied committing sex acts on himself in his car but was found guilty after a trial.
He asked her to perform a sex act on a webcam before he finally filmed himself performing a sex act.
A second allegation was made that an officer had a sex act performed on him by an inmate in her cell.
For one, the sex act embraces in itself two intelligible human goods: the unitive good of one flesh union, and human life.
Last August she received a telephone call from a man who talked about the married royal, identified only as witness A, a sex act and another employee who was snorting cocaine.
The 27-year-old man told a jury he felt "violated" when Nigel Wrench forced him to perform a sex act hours after they met at a New Year party.
You've not fully experienced the national anthem until you've watched a naked guy warble it to another nude dude during a certain sex act that shall remain nameless here.
The laws, according to a review done by scholars at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at University of California San Francisco, largely require simply that the positive partner in a sex act was aware of his or her status and didn't reveal it.
An IGLHRC flier distributed at the meeting listed as targets measures against "sodomy, age of consent and other sex act laws, laws on prostitution, laws penalizing those wearing clothing of the opposite sex, obscenity/pornography laws, denial of marriage to same sex partners, denial of marriage to trans[gender] people, laws on parenting/adoption [by homosexuals].
We learn of Romain, a lover who remains absolutely immobile during the sex act.
He was acquitted of two charges of an illegal sex act.
A MAN appeared in court yesterday accused of forcing a boy to carry out a sex act.