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a workbasket in which sewing materials can be stored

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A number of her personal effects are on display, including a lock of her hair, her sewing basket and her writing box.
I keep them on my bedside table, in the kitchen and dining room, in my purse, on desks both at home and work, in the sewing basket, even in the bathroom.
She turned to her sewing basket and took out two pipe cleaners, a button, and a bead.
When I found these lead weights in a sewing basket in my attic, I was horrified to learn that they're still being manufactured and sold.
There, amid festive bolts of fabric, colorful spools of thread, rickrack, ribbons, buttons, bows, and the other accoutrements of the well-equipped sewing basket, a group of approximately 20 ladies known as the Southampton Sewing Club gather to chat, while relaxing with a cherished hobby.
Come to think about it, I often wondered about my dad's unexplained fall down the basement stairs many years ago--especially after I found a roll of piano wire in my mother's sewing basket.
Scraps cut from outgrown clothing or from mom's sewing basket were common origins.
Using thread borrowed from his mother's sewing basket, Logan tied his first, admittedly crude fly.
One by one, she places objects--a sewing basket, an iron, a mirror--in the street and watches how people react.
IT'S like being told that your favourite granny secretly keeps rattlesnakes in her sewing basket and eats worms for tea," I said, referring to that story about the Queen Mother being a great fan of Margaret Thatcher.
Then, quickly, she searched for her sewing basket and took out thread, needles, thimble, gold paint, beads and seed pearls.
She pulled a sewing basket out from under the kitchen table and began to embroider what looked to be a roller skate on a pair of white painter's pants.
We all knew the kid at school who turned up in a bad plastic 'leather-look' jacket with some safety pins from his mam's sewing basket randomly stuck in and too much of his sister's Harmony hairspray spiking his bog-brush hair.
We plan to put on display some of her possessions, including her sewing basket, writing box and photographs.
The child will be carried off, but it doesn't take an oracle to know we haven't seen the last of Amalia's sewing basket or its precious cargo.