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a main in a sewage system

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The city found a section of six-inch gravityfed clay sewer main due for replacement and ordered eight-inch StraightShot pipe from NASP for the trial installation.
The STEP features three key components: 41 kilometres of deep sewer pipes, 43 kilometres of smaller diameter link sewers, and a pumping station adjacent to the Al Wathba Independent Sewerage Treatment Plants, where the major sewer main ends.
A Geotechnical Exploration Has Been Performed For The Sewer Main Rehabilitation Project In Manhattan Beach, California.
7 million project to repair the main sewer line on Belmont Street began last summer, and the sewer main was recently relined as part of the project.
This project consists of 540 LF of proposed 15 sanitary sewer main to be installed in replace of existing sanitary sewer on Hermosa Drive from Crow Drive to Post Oak Drive.
RJN will evaluate the feasibility of combining these pipes together into a single sewer main, which would cross State Highway 303 and several 12-inch high pressure gas and salt water return mains.
4 million for a sewer main under Route 131 after the Southbridge Town Council issued a termination notice on its agreement to accept wastewater from Sturbridge.
Description : Snyder Avenue to Dey Avenue: replace 960 of 6 sanitary sewer main with 8 PVC.
The Village of Baldwin, IL, recently made the decision to replace a failing 40-year-old clay tile sewer main with a new 10-inch gravity sewer, featuring 600 feet of CertainTeed Certa-Lok C-900/RJ restrained-joint PVC pipe.
The first phase will replace 800 feet of 8-inch sewer main with the new 18-inch sewer main along Spruce Street, between Marc Drive and Vine Avenue.
The work includes decommissioning of an existing sewer lift station, abandoning in place an existing 4-inch force main and 8-inch sewer main, jack and bore under Lake Mead Parkway, removal of existing 8-inch sewer main, installation of 10-inch and 8-inch gravity sewer, removal, abandonment and installation of sewer manholes, installation of sewer laterals, connections of existing sewer laterals, curb and gutter and sidewalk, AC pavement, electrical conduit and service connections, striping and pavement markings, mobilization and demobilization and final clean up, and other related items of work as shown on the plans.
HONOLULU -- Hawaii American Water recently began work on a sewer main improvement project in Hawaii Kai.
Work on this project includes the rehabilitation of 1,924 feet of brick and segmented clay tile combined sewer main using the cured-in-place pipe lining method.
The W-04, which replaced more than two miles of large diameter sewer main, also features SAWS' first vortex manhole at the intersection of two large sewer mains.
Formal Bid: Raymond drive interceptor sewer phase 2, cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation on 36" sanitary sewer main