sewer line

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a main in a sewage system

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Contract Awarded for Replace a deteriorating manhole and repair about 50 feet of sewer lines at Kirst Court and Duncan Street.
Parker & Sons uses innovative new techniques to diagnose sewer line problems without having to go through all the effort of digging them up.
Both mean the sewer line has a defect of some sort allowing water to flood the system.
Based on a television camera investigation of the sewer line, he said, defects were found in the line, including the infiltration of ground water into the pipe, longitudinal cracks in the brick walls, pipe deformation, soft brick mortar and root intrusion.
He further said that water supply line would be laid down in Saifabad with a cost of Rs 350 million, trunk sewer line in Rasalay Wala at a cost of Rs 225 million while Rs 9 million would be spent on rehabilitation of water works at Allama Iqbal Colony, Rs 100 million on remodelling of water channel No.
If a long section of the sewer line needs to be replaced due to multiple pipe fissures and root infiltration, then.
Water & Sewer Line Construction Industry-Industry & Market Report, published annually , contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
When snaking a camera down the sewer line didn't work, he wasn't deterred.
Following the incident, the state ordered Xcel Energy to locate and fix any gas lines that have breached sewer lines statewide.
It suggested connecting the sewer line with the main Mehrauli sewer line, which is about 500m from the site where the sump well was proposed.
Much of the massive blueprint is dedicated to upgrading sewer lines and expanding the city's wastewater treatment plant in the Valley.
This particular stretch of sewer line carried approximately one-third of Perth Amboy's sewage.
Usually, a rat will dive back down into the sewer line after it's found.
One method incorporates fiber optic conduit into the plastic lining of sewer lines that are being rehabilitated or inserts fiber optic conduit into a gap between the sewer line's outside supporting structure and the inner sewer line.
Tenders are invited for laying of 200, 250 and 300mm dia, sewer lines improvement of drainage system, remodeling of 100/150/200 mm dia swg sewer line, making junction works from 300mm dia di, laying of 100 and 150mm dia di water supply, replacement of damaged sewer lines under o&m circle-ii etc.