sewer line

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a main in a sewage system

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The main sewer line in Bausher (eastern sector) is connected to the wastewater networks on both sides of Sultan Qaboos Street starting from Hamriya roundabout to Azaiba area.
Two firefighters saw the worker in the 20-inch-diameter sewer line about 20 feet north of the manhole on Park Blvd.
For homes and establishments connected to sewer lines, the used water goes to sewage treatment plants which then cleans the water before allowing it to flow back to rivers, Sevilla explains.
04 million contract for the rehabilitation of sewer lines in the Ridgeleigh Community, also known as The Oaks, situated near Loch Raven Boulevard and Joppa Road.
com)-- Sewer lines see more strain in the spring, especially if rains come, and that means if there are any problems they show themselves.
49 per month and covers up to USD5,000 in service line repairs and another USD5,000 for street repairs, wherever necessary, while the Sewer Line Protection Program has an enrollment fee of USD9 per month and covers up to USD4,000 for sewer line repairs plus up to the same amount for necessary street repairs.
Based on a television camera investigation of the sewer line, he said, defects were found in the line, including the infiltration of ground water into the pipe, longitudinal cracks in the brick walls, pipe deformation, soft brick mortar and root intrusion.
If a long section of the sewer line needs to be replaced due to multiple pipe fissures and root infiltration, then.
Water & Sewer Line Construction Industry-Industry & Market Report, published annually , contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
The gas line was run through the home's sewer line during an infrastructure project that took place in 1999.
Gurgaon residents have complained about the lack of storm water drains and the delay in laying a master sewer line along the Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway.
Run a northeast sewer line from Eagle Rock north to near the Los Angeles Zoo, running west of the Los Angeles River west through Griffith Park.
This particular stretch of sewer line carried approximately one-third of Perth Amboy's sewage.
When compared to the cost of new sewer line construction, extending the serviceable life of an existing sewer line using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) trenchless technology typically will also result in a cost savings of millions of dollars for the city and considerably less disruption to residents.
One method incorporates fiber optic conduit into the plastic lining of sewer lines that are being rehabilitated or inserts fiber optic conduit into a gap between the sewer line's outside supporting structure and the inner sewer line.