sewer gas

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foul-smelling gas that forms in sewers

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What you're smelling is sewer gas, which, in most cases, is a mixture of ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and a little sulfur dioxide.
Sewers, opponents argued, were merely delivery systems of deadly sewer gas or means for polluting rivers.
The fact that it was a waterbed (from his cherished student days and his membership in the Average Student Club) and every movement was amplified by at least six metres of swell every time he listed to starboard--along with sewer gas from the cargo hold--sure didn't help.
In interviews with officials from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Health Department, Amoy Gardens residents indicated that they often smelled sewer gas in bathrooms.
Wolverhampton firemen wearing breathing apparatus yesterday rescued two Birmingham brothers who were overcome by sewer gas while at work lining a sewer 20ft below the ground, at Wolverhampton.
Two classrooms in my school smelled sewer gas for most of last year.
Additionally, the detergent-dispersants in Pacemaker 1600 oils allow them to be used in a wide range of engines--including those with catalytic converters--as well as models fueled by a variety of natural and synthetic gases, including landfill, sour and sewer gas.
It's the same thing as swamp gas or sewer gas," says Roy D.
When the fixture finishes draining, some water remains in the trap as a fresh waterblockage against sewer gas.
While one in Twelve reported having unhappy childhoods, those with them were more likely to describe somewhat unusual childhood odors including: moth balls, body odor, dog waste, sewer gas and bus fumes.
The CPSC has reported that it "is possible to misclassify homes because of other possible sources of metal corrosion such as volatile sulfur compounds from sewer gas, well water, and outdoor contaminants that may enter the home independent of the drywall in the home.
Performing actions related to extension and maintenance networks Aqueduct sewer gas connections and call service.
Unused traps, like in floor drains or in unused bathrooms, can dry up and become a source of a sewer gas smells.
The problem is a terrible odor (dirty socks is her description), but I think it smells like sewer gas.
Seven sewer gas lamps in Monkseaton and Whitley Bay.