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the act of severing


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An internal investigation has been launched by Airbus into the severing of three cables on a Airbus A380 on an assembly line.
After severing his arm in a childhood accident nine years ago, Malik Singletary has made quite the comeback.
The scientists induced a form of neuropathic pain in the rodents by severing a nerve near the spinal cord, an injury that throws the animals' nervous systems into disorder and causes the same kind of hypersensitivity to temperature and touch experienced by people with neuropathy.
In one embodiment, the methods involve contacting a polymerized microtubule with a microtubule severing protein or a microtubule depolymerizing protein in the presence of an ATP or a GTP and a test agent; and detecting the formation of tubulin monomers, dimers or oligomers.
The man being lowered into his grave was one Herman Severing, and he hailed from Altona, a German town just west of Hamburg.
A GARAGE worker was killed when a tyre he was inflating blew up severing his aorta, an inquest heard yesterday.
But he was not ready to acknowledge defeat yet, arguing that Papua New Guinea's new Prime Minister Mereke Morauta did not directly refer to severing or canceling diplomatic ties in a statement earlier in the day.
The proposal would allow retroactive allocations when there has been an unnatural order of death and severing of trusts into exempt and nonexempt shares when appropriate.
Trapp speculates that this severing may account for the permanent neurological impairment in MS.
a severing of crosslinks by chemical or steam digestion to produce a product known as reclaim and