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The severeness and seriousness of DDoS attack enhance many defense mechanisms but the complete solution is no to be attained.
aforementioned two paragraphs have been included in the resolution, this can be considered as the European Parliament's severeness in
Kyrgyzstan must understand severeness of corruption problem, as it harms economy of the state, said Thelesklaf.
Plagiocephaly's severeness is judged by how asymmetrical a child's head is.
Blunted HPA axis responsiveness to stress in atopic patients is associated with the acuity and severeness of allergic inflammation.
Sexual anxiety and the emotional depth of romantic encounters were common to the writing of Jewish-American writers--from Bernard Malamud's The Assistant to Isaac Bashevis Singer's ambitious medieval fairy-tale The Slave, we might underscore a redemptive theme to sexual lust as a being-creating metaphor that offsets both the severeness of Judaic religious conservatism and the constant tension between Jews and Christians who either envy them or wish to violently quell their religious difference.