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Synonyms for severance

Synonyms for severance

a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

the act of severing


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This strategic acquisition adds substantial capabilities to our Severance Tax practice to meet the increasing demand for Ryan's tax services in the oil and gas industry," said G.
Traditional severance plans do not provide adequate tax advantages.
The severance pay system in Turkey was established in the early 1970s, in a period where unemployment insurance did not exist.
The NAO said that in 18 of the 90 cases, severance deals had been agreed "before the supporting business cases had been through the relevant scrutiny and approval process".
A major part of the cost of the severance packages was the sums paid by the councils to the Teesside Pension Fund to cover the pension costs of employees leaving the authorities early.
However, I believe there is a basic principle that severance should only be paid to those who lose their jobs.
We have introduced a Mutually Agreed Severance Scheme along with several other strategies, to avoid redundancy.
30 for "good reason" and is eligible for severance pay under the terms of the company s executive severance plan, the insurer said.
DHL committed to providing these funds under an agreement entered into in 2008 to address pilot severance and other issues arising from DHL's restructuring of its US business.
While many US companies are striving to adapt a uniform approach to severance plans, 51 percent of companies with severance policies still have a separate plan for the top executive, according to a study released this week by WorldatWork and Innovative Compensation and Benefits Concepts (ICBC), an HR consulting firm.
Global Banking News-2 June 2009-Citi halts severance pay(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
And only 15 minutes after the meeting began, you are handed a packet of papers, told to review and sign them within a certain time period in order to receive a severance package and then leave your workplace forever.
Executives are negotiating severance before they are hired, according to a recent study by human capital consulting company Lee Hecht Harrison.
They object, predictably, to any attempt to raise the severance tax on natural gas produced in Arkansas and point out, rightly, that not just the big corporations would pay the higher tax.