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Synonyms for severally

apart from others

in the order given


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For the word severally remains wrongly used especially on the pages of East Africa's print media.
According to the company, the notes will be fully and unconditionally guaranteed, jointly and severally, on a senior secured basis by BRS Intermediate Holdings LLC.
soldiers stationed at the checkpoint, severally beat up 17-year-old Mohammed
Of this total, AB Nynas Petroleum is jointly and severally liable for 10,164,000 - instead of 10,395,000.
Arrow - Groupe Arrow ApS: 9,975,000, including, jointly and severally with Arrow Generics Limited: 9,360,000 of the latter amount, jointly and severally with Resolution Chemicals Limited: 823,735
Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd (Reyrolle), Siemens AG Osterreich, KEG, Siemens Transmission & Distribution SA (SEHV) and Magrini are jointly and severally liable for the amount of 10,350,000.
On appeal, the plaintiff argued that she should have received the entire jury verdict, minus $150,000 for the settlement, since the defendants caused her indivisible injuries and were jointly and severally liable.
The borrowers are DCT Park West LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, DCT Pinnacle LP and DCT DFW LP, each a Texas limited partnership, collectively, jointly, and severally.
Nor did he methodically collate his sources, but resorted to them severally or all together on different passages (see 127).
The ruling--in 10 consolidated appeals that resulted from 6 enforcement motions filed by the plaintiffs--holds the 12 remaining members of the Center for Claims Resolution (CCR), a nonprofit organization created to handle asbestos litigation against its member companies, jointly and severally liable for the terms of the agreement.
Willet and Betty had elected to be jointly and severally liable for the gift taxes under IKC sections 2513(a) and (d).
The fines imposed by European Commission relevant to Panasonic and MTPD are as follows: - Panasonic: [euro]157,478,000 - Panasonic and MTPD, jointly and severally liable: [euro]7,885,000 - Panasonic, MTPD and Toshiba Corporation, jointly and severally liable: [euro]86,738,000
Obongi said the man stabbed Esther Achieng severally in the chest and stomach at his house in Kahoya estate.
severally beat up a 50-year-old man as well as uprooted trees in an area east