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capable of being divided or dissociated

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subsection of the Customs Service regulation was severable from the
As a general rule, severable service contracts address a recurring or continuing need, and the bona fide need arises at the time the services are provided.
Exclusive retro-licences with respect to severable inventions prevented such exploitation by the licensee.
A contract or contractual provision, if severable, that provides for a choice of venue or choice of forum outside a state or territory of the United States violates the public policy of this state and is void and unenforceable if .
Its analysis began with the general standard for determining whether a contractual provision is severable as set out in a 1953 case.
Comptroller General Decision B-317636, Severable Services Contracts.
But in the view of the requesting examiner, the tolling agreement is not severable, and as such the tolling agreement is not a commodity under Sec.
The care and commitment of our agencies is deeply rooted in our faith and something we do not believe simply is severable in order to remain in a position to partner with government.
According to sources, Nilofar Bakhtiar along with severable other senior members of the party are concerned over the varying party policies with respect to forming alliance with the government.
12) Presumably then, a court should only entertain an as applied challenge in cases where it believes the legislature intends the statute to be severable, and severable at the particular joints at which the court is asked to sever it.
Nevertheless, we maintain that UBB demonstrates superior business and operating characteristics relative to NBG, and consider that it would be severable and independently sustainable if NBG were to experience serious difficulties," the agency adds.
The court wrote, "The unconstitutional tenure provisions are severable from the remainder of the statute" because "the unconstitutionality of a part of an act does not necessarily defeat or affect the validity of its remaining provisions.
Judge Hudson ruled that the individual mandate is severable, so even if the Supreme Court strikes it down, experts think it's unlikely to take down the entire health care law.
He argued the individual mandate isn't severable from the rest of the reform, meaning "the entire act must be declared void.