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Synonyms for sever

Synonyms for sever

to separate into parts with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument

Synonyms for sever

set or keep apart

cut off from a whole


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Pfaelzer also said she planned to grant a request from Lewis DePayne to sever his case from Mitnick's and be tried separately.
The discovery of the footpaths is enabling Sheets and Sever to take a big step toward understanding the societal structure, rituals and resource use of the people who made them.
UltraVision's broad product line includes sever FDA approved contact lens products and the UltraCon(tm) and EpiCon(r) contact lens lines, the vision care industry's first disposable molded gas permeable contact lenses.
Speaking with the SE[micro]zcE- daily on Wednesday, Sever said that he was disturbed by the efforts of people from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), including deputies and ministers, to prevent GE-l from becoming a candidate for the presidency and running against Erdoy-an in August of last year.
Daniela Sever DMD of Quincy, the program represents an opportunity to distinguish the facility and increase local understanding and acceptance of dental sleep medicine.
Sever, codirector of the International Centre for Circulatory Health at Imperial College London.
The rest of the new Matt the Electrician album, "Animal Boy," is almost pure Sever.
The PC or sever must manage the network traffic to the DAS, serving files while handling local applications.
Provisional squad Gordon, May bury, Pressley, Webster, Kisnorbo, Stamp, Neils on, Simmons, Hamill, Hartley, Sloan, de Vries, McKenna, Wyness, Moilanen, Kirk, Sever in, Weir.
Taiwan's Foreign Minister Jason Hu said Wednesday that Taipei has no plans to unilaterally sever diplomatic ties with Papua New Guinea, despite that country's announcement that their bilateral recognition agreement was invalid.
As previously noted, the long-term contract regulations specifically provide that to clearly reflect income, it may be necessary to sever or aggregate contracts.
Ahmet Sever, who spent 12 years as GE-l's chief adviser, recently published a book titled "Abdullah GE-l ile 12 Yyl" (12 Years with Abdullah GE-l) in which he revealed many details about GE-l's presidency.
Senegal said at the time that it would sever diplomatic ties with Iran over a dispute about an arms shipment which was discovered in Nigeria in October 2010.
The Majlis is considering legislation to sever all ties or maybe to sever some ties or maybe just to reduce relations from the ambassadorial level.
Militants attacked a police mobile van with remote controlled bomb near Kotli Imam Hussain resulting in the death of one civilian while two bicycle riders sustained sever injuries.