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being six more than seventy


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Seventy-six of the impressions, they found, belonged to eight people.
He passed away on February 17, 2004 at the age of seventy-six.
In Peter Doig's exhibition "StudioFilmClub," which traveled to the Kunsthalle Zurich after being seen in Cologne, the metaphor of cultural translation played several key roles: The Scottish-born painter who now resides in Trinidad presented seventy-six hand-painted film posters displayed in a transitional space that communicates with the movie theater housed in the same building as the museum.
Seventy-six percent of faculty surveyed said new editions are either ``never'' justified or are justified only ``half the time.
Seventy-six percent posted guidelines on their Web site, and nearly all--96 percent--reported insider filings in either a proxy statement or Edgar report.
Seventy-six years before the purchase, 12 Catholic nuns arrived in New Orleans.
Seventy-six people gathered in Atlanta in late July for the TAPPI Volunteer Leaders' Forum, a two-and-a half-day leadership training experience.
The balance of the Guide consists of seventy-six explanatory tables that correspond to the flow tables in the Federal Reserve Board's publication of the flow of funds accounts, the Z.
From head to tail, the bald eagle is thirty to thirty-six inches (about seventy-six to ninety-one centimeters) and has a wingspan of seventy-eight to ninety inches (about 198 to 228 centimeters).
Seventy-six percent considered the risks to be static or decreasing in the Middle East; 59% had the same feeling about North Africa, and 67% had a similar view about Latin America (excluding Brazil), where political and economic issues have replaced security as the prime source of risk over the past decade.
There are seventy-six good quality black and white plates, but these are entirely confined to Civitali's own work.
Seventy-six companies from around the world contacted Science Service about the opportunity to become the new title sponsor of STS.
Seventy-six Madison, is a 12-story 60,000square-footofficebuildingsituated in the heart of Midtown South at the southwest corner of 28th Street and Madison Avenue.
Seventy-six percent (34) were female and 24 percent (11) were male.
The WK-3000 keyboard features seventy-six full-size keys, is touch sensitive (with on/off), is thirty-two-note polyphonic and MIDI compatible.