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being one more than seventy


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In the second phase, he said, further two hundred thousand energy savers will be distributed among the domestic consumers making the total figure of free distributed energy savers in the city four hundred and seventy-one thousands", he added.
Seventy-one percent of the alleged offenders were already defrocked, removed from ministry, or deceased, but at least 42 priests or deacons who were accused in 2004 "remain in active ministry pending a preliminary investigation.
Seventy-one (84%) of 85 participants residing in neighborhoods of low-socioeconomic status were infected versus 26 (52%) of 50 participants residing in neighborhoods of medium- or high-socioeconomic status (crude prevalence odds ratio 4.
Students can see how, at the age of seventy-one, he cut small paper maquettes to be used as models for creating books, prints, fabrics, stained glass, and murals.
In addition, The Victory boasts a sublevel indoor parking garage for seventy-one vehicles.
Seventy-one per cent of NSAID patients showed signs of bowel injury, compared to just one in 10 of the other group.
Seventy-one percent of respondents reported no difference in premenstrual mood symptoms before and after beginning pill use; 16% said that symptoms deteriorated, and 12% said they improved.
In Canada, these persons are adherents of one of seventy-one dioceses which are incorporated under Canadian law for the purpose of dealing with temporal affairs.
Seventy-one percent of mothers purchase items specifically requested by their children, according to The U.
Seventy-one percent of 59 prefectures and major cities across Japan anticipate the passage of legislation to promote wind power, solar power and other forms of natural energy, according to a newspaper poll published Monday.
Seventy-one percent still select sites based on previous experience with the facility.
Seventy-one percent of the respondents see programs to prevent isolation of older adults as important and recognized the growing need for more community-based services for the elderly.
HUGE POOLS OF SOUNDS coming from one undifferentiated tone: This is the dizzying, precision work of Charlemagne Palestine and a Dutch organ, stretched out for seventy-one minutes.
Seventy-one percent of respondents expect short-term rates to decline or remain at current levels, and 65 percent expect long-term rates to decline or remain at current levels.