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of a chemical compound having a ring with seven members


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In the HMBC and HSQC spectra, correlations from H-4 to C-23, from H-l, H-2, and H-4 to C-3, from H-10 to C-l, C-2, from H-4 to C-10, and from H-24 to C-4, C-5, and C-10 were observed and suggested a seven-membered lactone ring in compound 1 (Fig.
This may be due to the fact that in solution either averaging of the confo-rmational possibilities is not complete or the twisted biphenyls of the dioxybiphenyl seven-membered spiro rings attend kinetically-stable conformations due to the intrinsic nature of the substitution groups.
Volumes 13 and 14: Seven-membered and larger heterocyclic rings including all their fused derivatives (except those containing three- or four-membered heterocyclic rings which are included in Volume 1 and 2, respectively).
They have divided the two-volume text into sections dealing with synthesis of allenes, covering isomerization reactions, metal-mediated synthesis, transition metal-catalyzed synthesis, and enantoselective synthesis; special classes of allenes, including allenic hydrocarbons, cyclic allenes up to seven-membered rings, acceptor- and donor-substituted allenes, and allenylmetal compounds; reactions of allenes, dealing with ionic additions, free radical addition, cycloadditions, cyclization, transition metal-catalyzed cross-couplings and cycloisomerizations, and oxidation; and, finally, applications such as allenic natural products and pharmaceuticals, allenes in natural product synthesis, and enyne-allenes.
Five-, six- and seven-membered ring and bi- and polycyclic lactones and lactams can be synthesized in good yield and selectivity by palladium complex-catalyzed intramolecular cyclocarbonylation reactions.