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The greater variety in the number and size of patterns run per day, the more flexible the line must be in handling setup.
The real power of the software stems from its ability to accept entries that add and change setup data en masse.
The setups discussed in this article use the TCP/IP protocol, the same protocol used on the Internet.
The "start" setup in table 9 ends with less than 50% cure at the core of the mold.
Should your computer ever crash, inserting your computer-setup CD into the failed machine will have it up and running with the original setup software within a few minutes.
Leading companies like Ralink Technology are committed to Wi-Fi Protected Setup as an industry-wide approach for easier setup of security-enabled Wi-Fi networks, and further enable market growth.
Finally, the new Online Process Setup Sheet stores a wider range of process parameters than before, and saves them in HTML form so that they can be transmitted via the Internet.
Tip: You also can get to the Page Setup menu (only now it's just called Setup) through File, Print Preview.
The setup position, which is how you stand over the ball before you take a full swing, is very important because it is the foundation upon which your golf swing is built.
Machine setup is as ancient as the manufacturing process itself.
The new Ultra System features a simple and fast setup process, the flexibility to use a broad range of catheters, a sleeker design, lighter weight, and handling improvements that make it significantly easier to maneuver than the previous AngioJet drive unit.
An essential component of any mid-range to high-end system is a microprocessor controller with setup storage and retrieval capability for recall and implementation of set-points for vacuum level, indexing speed and distance, tool temperature, and oven zoning pattern.
I believe 90 percent of all swing problems can be solved simply by fixing a person's setup.
Less sophisticated packages have only a checklist of the necessary setup steps.
Once he finds the spot, he takes a couple of smooth back casts, and - plop, plop, without the fizz - his tandem fly setup, known as a brace in fly-fishing circles, settles onto the water with an ethereal touch.