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a center in an underprivileged area that provides community services

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Riis Neighborhood Settlement House in New York City, a not-for-profit that tested IBM SafetyNet, reported that the technology had the potential to enable the organization to spend approximately 30% more time with clients.
By the mid-20th century, settlement houses were becoming less relevant as government social agencies gradually filled the slack among the needy.
plays in settlement houses was surely a reflection of the public
portrayed settlement houses as inherently secular and Catholics as primarily struggling immigrants, corrupt political bosses, or quarrelsome priests?
This essay will explore how the work and philosophy of the International Institute, a settlement house located in downtown San Francisco, relates to the larger historiography that has attempted to understand the role of settlement houses and social work in regard to race and cultural pluralism.
Fox is a pioneer of affordable housing in New York, who developed the first settlement houses in the city in 1965 and eventually created the Settlement Housing Fund.
This demonstrates a paradox within Social Gospel thought which could argue for the realization of God's Kingdom on Earth through social reform but cling to traditional gender role norms even though there were women who were carrying out the Social Gospel mission through there work in settlement houses and other social reformist organizations by acting in non traditional leadership roles.
lt;< Les Settlement Houses montrealais et les anglo-protestants : un echo de la fin du [XIX.
Market users want Europe's national settlement houses to merge 'horizontally' with each other to cut cross-border tradingcosts that at present can be ten times more expensive than settling a domestic transaction because of the number of settlement organisations involved.
She established a chain of day nurseries, several of which evolved into neighborhood settlement houses, including Civic Service House in 1901.
Based on field interviews in a Chicago community development corporation and settlement houses in New York City and St.
Born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1910, Sokolow grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where she pursued courses in various settlement houses.
As hospitals, parochial schools, orphanages, settlement houses, industrial schools, and remedial institutions grew in number and effectiveness, Catholics found that public service also carried political clout.
Instead of limiting our history to the overly procedural concerns of municipal reformers (most of them men) like those associated with the New York Bureau of Municipal Research, we should include the accomplishments of social reformers (most of them women) associated with settlement houses.
Frances Clarke Sayers (1972) writes of Moore: "She went where the children were: to the schools, the settlement houses, and the streets - New York as well as Brooklyn, the area of her investigation" (p.