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Synonyms for settlement

Synonyms for settlement

a settlement of differences through mutual concession

Synonyms for settlement

a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland

a community of people smaller than a town

something settled or resolved

an area where a group of families live together

termination of a business operation by using its assets to discharge its liabilities

References in classic literature ?
Ole lived in a leaky dugout somewhere at the edge of the settlement.
When she got back to the Norwegian settlement, her poor feet were as hard as hoofs.
And thus was formed the earliest settlement of the Puritans in America.
Many of them went to form a settlement at Charlestown.
Although the settlement of this part of Otsego a little preceded the birth of the author, it was not sufficiently advanced to render it desirable that an event so important to himself should take place in the wilderness.
This circumstance had suggested to him the idea of supplying the Russian establishment regularly by means of the annual ship that should visit the settlement at the mouth of the Columbia (or Oregon) ; by this means the casual trading vessels would be excluded from those parts of the coast where their malpractices were so injurious to the Russians.
In many instances, the conviction of religious obligation formed one and a powerful inducement of the adventures; but in none, excepting the settlement at Plymouth, did they constitute the sole and exclusive actuating cause.
From that point the business of the settlement flowed smoothly on to its destined end.
In the first case, I must be prepared, beforehand, to draw your settlement, and I ought not to do that without, as a matter of politeness, first consulting you.
Though we defended ourselves, and repulsed the enemy, yet this unhappy affair scattered our cattle, brought us into extreme difficulty, and so discouraged the whole company, that we retreated forty miles, to the settlement on Clench river.
Once in every decade there shall be a general settlement, when the balance due shall be paid to the creditor nation in Mexican dollars.
The question to decide is, whether I shall press him or not on the subject of settlements.
Ferguson and his brave companions, as vouched for by undeniable testimony; and they found themselves among friends in the midst of most hospitable tribes, whose relations with the French settlements are frequent and amicable.
The consequence is that the Rocky Mountains and the ulterior regions, from the Russian possessions in the north down to the Spanish settlements of California, have been traversed and ransacked in every direction by bands of hunters and Indian traders; so that there is scarcely a mountain pass, or defile, that is not known and threaded in their restless migrations, nor a nameless stream that is not haunted by the lonely trapper.
I am called upon this day, to fill the office which in the settlements you give unto judges, who are set apart to decide on matters that arise between man and man.