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a domestic hen ready to brood

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The first setting hen was in a nest box just above ground level in a part of the chicken coop that is separate from the main coop.
I later moved another setting hen and she, too, learned to sit on the new nest.
I ordered the eggs to place under a setting hen, but the eggs were shipped more than six weeks after I placed the order and my broody hen had abandoned her nest.
Experts don't save setting hens from a female until her second year of production; 4) in a breeding pen, a duck should have 10 to 25 square feet of space and summer shade either from trees or other structures, 5) a duck nest should be 12 inches by 16 inches to 18 inches and there should be at least one nest for every four to five hens; 6) a duck hen in lay will consume .
An elderly reader recently shared her memories of when, as a little girl, her job was to feed the poultry, then hide in the barn loft, peeping through cracks, watching setting hens and turkey hens go to their hidden nests.
I had little experience along this line, thinking there was some mystery to setting hens, as the red layers will not set since that has been bred out of them.
It would be best to separate the other hens and toms from the setting hens if possible.
House setting hens away from the other chickens and let them hatch and raise their broods.
Generally setting hens didn't have much of a problem deciding what to eat and how long to stay on the nest for stragglers, because the flock owner usually put feed and water nearby.
You could let setting hens do the job, but that's not always feasible.