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rectangular paving stone with curved top

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They said: "The sett was huge and was still in use, despite concerted efforts to damage it by purposely driving over it, and spraying it with what appears to be weedkiller.
The arrest followed The Gazette's publication of shocking images of a group of youths gathered around a badger sett in Guisborough Forest, with one seemingly aiming an air rifle at the sett's opening.
The court heard that dogs with tracking devices attached to their collars had been used to locate badgers underground and an attempt had been made to dig down to the sett.
Dogs with tracking devices attached to their collars had been used to locate badgers underground and a determined attempt had been made to dig down to the sett.
Moreover, the fact that a sett of any kind has been created indicates that habitat conditions of the location also enable digging of a main sett (Jepsen et al.
If there is an active badger sett in your area, and if you have a bit of patience and luck, you might be in for one of the greatest experiences we can get in nature.
The baby badger had broken its leg and managed to get back to the sett," he said.
Vasto Laterale e Soleo AI dx * sezione trasversa delle fibre * tipo di fibre e distribuzione * No Immunofluorescenza * Concentrazione proteina NOS 1 Rittweger Peso corporeo (Kg) et al (35) (2006) Dolore (questionario) CARATTERISTICHE STUDIO INTERVENTO E CONTROLLO Rees et GR1: WBV VS GR2: WBV spenta al (13) VS GR3: nessun trattamento (2008) 6 serie di 45-80 sec per 3 volte/ sett per 8 sett Cheung GR1: WBV 3'/ di per 3 di/ sett et al (14) (2007) GR2 (n=24): Nessun trattamento Durata dello studio: 3 mesi Kawanabe GR1: WBV per 4' (1 volta/ sett) et al (15) + esercizi di routine (equilibrio/ (2007) rinforzo muscolare/ cammino) 2 volte/ sett GR2: CONTROLLI Esercizi di routine 2 volte/ sett Durata dello studio: 2 mesi Bogaerts GR1: WBV 40' per 3 volte /sett et al (16) (2007) GR2: 1.
PRICEWISE Tom Segal 1 Offshore Account 2 Big Fella Thanks 3 Irish Invader 4 Rambling Minster SPOTLIGHT Richard Austen 1 Rambling Minster 2 Darkness 3 Black Apalachi 4 My Will MATT WILLIAMS 1 Himalayan Trail 2 Hear The Echo 3 Rambling Minster 4 Parsons Legacy RP RATINGS Steve Mason 1 My Will 2 Black Apalachi 3 State Of Play 4 Rambling Minster TRENDS Craig Thake 1 Darkness 2 Rambling Minster 3 My Will 4 Parsons Legacy TOPSPEED Dave Edwards 1 Darkness 2 My Will 3 Cornish Sett 4 Brooklyn Brownie TONY O'HEHIR 1 Hear The Echo 2 Butler's Cabin 3 Snowy Morning 4 Darkness GERALD DELAMERE 1 Butler's Cabin 2 Cornish Sett 3 State Of Play 4 Himalayan Trail
Seven hundred trees are being felled in the woodland next to Warwick University and a member of the public has told police he believes a badger sett has been destroyed.
Magistrates at Con sett heard the pair had been sharing a bedroom at Taylor's mum's house in Cragside, Chester-le-Street, which police raided.
Sean Dodds, 17, and Kyle Lawrie, 19, face up to three years in custody after admitting digging at a badger sett.
They forked out the cash on the artificial sett after the creatures caused a road to collapse with their burrowing.