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a screw that is used to adjust the tension on a spring

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a screw (often without a head) that fits into the boss or hub of a wheel or cam etc

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Through years of customer discussions, on-site installation and removal observations, it was evident that the burr created by the setscrew had a significant impact on the time required to remove mounted bearings," said Ian Rubin, director of marketing, bearings, at Regal Beloit Corp.
The small, horizontally-inserted setscrew only needs to prevent the vertical movement of the crown on the abutment, and is not exposed to high stress.
Use the "half-full/full" rule for tightening setscrews: tighten the first setscrew to half the recommended torque, the second setscrew to the full torque, then go back to the first setscrew and apply full torque.
The rear sight is machined to a snag-free profile, secured in the dovetail cut with a setscrew.
The insert is held in place by a tiny setscrew and can be easily replaced in case of damage or breakage.
The wide inner-ring design provides shaft support and setscrew locking.
The system relies on a linear carriage that travels above the die to provide accessibility to every setscrew, allowing precise and instant adjustment of the die lip in increments of <0.
Additionally, this can be preloaded to specific values using a setscrew.
They are available for both single-mode and multimode applications and feature a die-cast body with a locking setscrew and gasketing to minimize EMI leakage.
A change in shaft and coupling geometry eliminates the step of tightening a key locking setscrew during assembly, according to Ralph Whitley, the company's vice president of engineering.
A setscrew catches in a locking p]ate, obviating the need for tools to position the pipe in the clamp.
The product provides a completely interchangeable housing design for current setscrew, eccentric collar and concentric clamp collar bearings.
The April 2000 whelp is from the first litter of Setscrew, who presumably had injury problems and did little racing.
The wide-inner-ring design provides shaft support and setscrew locking.