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having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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Scutellum dark red-brown, largely apruinose except for two dull gold pruinose areas anteriorly, fine pale yellow setose (apical macrosetae poorly differentiated).
The epimeral plates 1-3 present the same shape of those in the holotype, but with different pattern of setation, being the epimeral plate 1 non setose, epimeral plate 2 with five plumose setae anteriorly and a row of small slender setae on the ventral margin, and epimeral plate 3 with few slender and simple setae.
Female crabs have large and wide abdomens and four pairs of long setose pleopods from the second to the fifth abdominal somites (McLaughlin, 1980).
Tergite-1 dorsally smooth, long, sparsely setose at secondary tubercles.
7) broad, setose, with setal field apically and a field of microspines along posterior border.
Hypandrium small, fused on the sides to claspers; proximal halves of these, robust, setose, distal halves slender, elongate, straight, preapically dilated, terminally acuminate (Fig.
Dex in setose sopor pled; "I'm a naif, fur-faced bison-- / 'Depilate' me, taliped
Petioles 4-5 mm long, sparsely setose, upper leaves subsessile; lamina elongate, 40-110 mm long, 10-15 mm wide, base cuneate to rounded, margin entire to shallowly lobulate with 4-7 lobules on each side, each 2-5 mm long and 5-10 mm wide, coarsely serrate; abaxial surface covered with few pale setae 1-1,5 mm long and very densely covered with glochidiate trichomes 0,25-0,5 mm long, adaxial surface covered with reddish brown setae 2-2,5 mm long, scabrid trichomes 0,5-0,75 mm long and shorter glochidiate trichomes.
Legs: moderately slender, segments with granular carinae; femur IIII, patella I-III and femur IV with strongly denticulate ventral carinae; tibia I--III and basitarsi I --III with prominent bristle-combs on retrolateral margins, and many long macrosetae on prolateral margins; prolateral and retrolateral pedal spurs setose, not bifurcated (Fig.
Capitula homogamous or heterogamous; discoid, radiate, ligulate, or disciform; receptacle epaleate, less frequently paleate, glabrous to pubescent, alveolate, ciliate, setose to fimbriate; involucre uniseriate to multiseriate.
Developmental staging followed Minagawa (1997) and Minagawa and Sano (1997): females were scored as mature 1) if unberried in developing or ripe ovarian stages II and III, respectively; 2) if berried in ripe and redeveloping stages IV and V, respectively; or 3) if recently spent (stage VI) with heavily setose pleopods (P.