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When the debt finally becomes due, the debtor is empowered to declare a setoff of the debt (narrowly defined).
The GST at the Central and at the State level when introduced is expected to give more relief to producers and consumers through a more comprehensive and wider coverage of input tax setoff and service tax setoff, subsuming of several taxes in the GST.
Typically, the new tenant will seek a setoff right that provides, in essence, that if the new landlord defaults under the sublease or, in the case of an assignment, the existing lease, then tenant has the right to cure such default (for instance, by making a defaulted payment) and deduct the amounts expended from the rent due under its new lease.
6501(h) or (j) applies, the IRS, by exercising its setoff authority under Lewis v.
The entity has an unconditional and legally enforceable right of setoff and
The trustee liquidating the remnants of Lehman's brokerage told Citigroup that he may try to recover $1 billion the bank took as a setoff against the brokerage's obligations, Citigroup said in its annual report.
The market's existing extended setoff rights also militate
3) Although verdicts may be setoff under the act, the common law collateral source rule still persists and bars the admission of the existence of collateral sources of indemnity at trial.
On the other hand, the weakening of the Euro and the Pound Sterling compared to the US$ (which was slightly setoff as a result of the strengthening of the NIS against the US$) compared to the second quarter of 2009, led to a decrease of approximately 2.
Spectra Max HV Color coldset web offset inks are the latest addition to US Ink's Spectra line of inks which allow newspapers to use less ink while increasing print quality further with better print contrast, traps, less rub, and reduced page-to-page setoff.
Cannata's said that Affiliated owed it nearly $200,000 and possibly another setoff of $57,500, according to the filing by Cannata's attorney, Frederick Wetzel III of Little Rock.
Fraud investigations arise following the detection of a series of transactions where a taxable individual incurs higher input tax than those setoff by output tax, which leads to a reclaim of the difference from HMRC.
An unattended pan setoff alarms in the Stephenson Building at around 11.
The Bankruptcy Code expands on these rights by providing special treatment for 20-day claims--sums due for goods and services provided within 20 days prior to a bankruptcy filing--and by allowing setoff and recoupment against sums due by the supplier to the customer.
The circular advance cinematic chain, independently driven, where the back turn clearance is setoff.